The stupidest Canadian (colonizer!) article of the past few months: Lawns are racist.

Is it time to decolonize your lawn?

That’s the ominous bullshit question being posed in the headline — as a serious smatter, not a lark — at the Globe and Mail, increasingly, a bullshit newspaper now engaging in the same race-baiting and general left-wing stupidity ubiquitous across most North American bullshit media (“bullshit media” now becoming my new term for what I used to call “legacy media” or the “establishment media,” as it is much more accurate and descriptive).

It’s hard to take this bullshit seriously, inasmuch as it is complete and utter bullshit dreamt-up by woke left-wing bullshit idiots. But do read it. Learn how to identify the bullshit woke left-wing idiots when they spring bullshit like this on you, and the bullshit newspapers which choose to run this bullshit.

Here’s a smattering, or smearing, of some of the utter bullshit:

  • “What is a lawn but a statement of control over nature?” asks John Douglas Belshaw, a Canadian history professor at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, B.C. … “A backyard with a big lawn is like a classroom for colonialism and environmental hostility.”
  • “Where the lawns come from is from the property ownership mentality, that we can own property,” says Jayce Chiblow, community engagement lead with Indigenous Climate Action and a member of the Garden River First Nation…
  • “It is a cultural thing,” Mr. Kraus says. “There is this interesting comparison like, valuing diversity versus sameness.”

The bullshit article, written by some journalist named Sierra Bein whom I know nothing about but will certainly watch for more of her bullshit and her inevitable bullshit journalism awards, and call it all out as the total bullshit that it all is, has nearly 700 comments, nearly all of which mock the bullshit article, mock the paper for printing such bullshit, and many cancelling their subscriptions.

…and 700 more like this.

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