The Brothers Cuomo. And CNN. What crap smells like.

New York Post — 
You might not even have heard, because nearly the entire “news” media industrial complex — especially in Canada — is trying to bury it, but another lefty Democratic governor has been officially outed as a lying, arrogant, elitist, sexist, self-important, hypocritical asshole. He quit before going through the spectacle of impeachment and being carried out of office by police officers (those who still remain in New York after all the defunding and general state-leaving).

¶  One story quotes an enraged Megyn Kelly who told them, “Now we find out they [the governor Andrew Cuomo and his asshole brother, star CNN “news” host Chris Cuomo, who still works there happily] work together to silence these women and attack these 11 accusers that came forward against Andrew Cuomo, none of whom came from any positions of power,” she said.

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