The actual news is mostly good.

Feeling down? Who wouldn’t be?

I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t stress enough how great this newsletter from is. “Stress” is a dual-purpose operative word here.

Every Friday (a great day to get it because it’s when I really need it after reading way too much stupidity on Twitter and the corporate “news” media all week), I get a free list of GOOD NEWS stories. They’re mostly in the realm of science (actual science, not Liberal Party-style or Democratic Party-style Science™), which despite my being a conservative who is supposed to be ragingly and blindingly and moronically “anti-science,” and believing only in JESUS or something (I’m not really sure what the Liberal-left argument is here but it’s beyond stupid), is actually among my favorite things in my life.

Here is this week’s list. I noted to myself two of them near the bottom concerning nuclear plants being built (yay!) — in India, of all places (and nowhere do they need them more), and in Belgium, which until five minutes ago swore off of them, as Germany and others did until they realized the error of their ways. But they’re all good.


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