Thanks Cap’n — Trudeau advises us that his lie/vacay on “Truth” (etc) Day was “a mistake.”

National Post — In news you didn’t know because according to him you’re ever so stupid, our benevolent leader has instructed us that his mistake was a mistake. Or, as the National Post hilariously put it, a quote-unquote mistake.

Trudeau says Tofino trip on
National Day of Truth and Reconciliation
was a ‘mistake’

Well then it’s official.

Even his Toronto Star division wrote it up. They included a picture. And for once it wasn’t one of their 8,592 “glam” shots of their beloved hero. It was this sad sack pic:

Risibly the Liberals’ state-owned CBC division used the exact same pic in their story which was buried 10th down from the top:

The Globe & Mail couldn’t bring themselves to include a picture that wasn’t glorious, so there is none. His Global and liberalvision CTV divisions both chose a more glam shot — Global choosing one of their favorite looks for all Canadians: Trudeau with a huge big-ass black mask; and CTV choosing a more glam-like pretend-“serious” look (which we know is performance art).

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