Taxpayers to pay for natives’ militancy and damage

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Today in liberal surrender monkey appeasment news….

I like how the “ News Staff” speculates—right from the get-go in order to set your mind right from the beginning— that this will be “moving both sides closer towards a possible resolution”.  They know stuff besides the news… stuff they make up! 

(Hat tip: BlawBlaw)

Ontario buys land at centre of Caledonia dispute

Updated Fri. Jun. 16 2006 6:50 PM ET News Staff

The Ontario government has made a deal to buy out a developer whose land has been occupied by Six Nations protesters in Caledonia, moving both sides closer towards a possible resolution of the months-old dispute.

In addition, the province pledged $1 million to compensate businesses hit hard by the ongoing dispute, bringing the total to $1.7 million.

[…] Jamieson suspects the deal is worth several million dollars.

Liberals think taxpayer money is the magical fairy.  It’s the answer to all of society’s ills. 

Vote liberal.

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