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    Taxpayer-funded Carleton University seems like a liberal-left fascist university to me. Stay away.

    Your tax dollars at work:

    Progressives are certainly getting their way at their Carleton University division.  And it bodes very well for the future of progressives, since our taxpayer funding of educational institutions like this are shaping the minds and growing the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

    In this particular case though, they really seem like fascists to me.  Liberal fascists.  But I guess that’s their way, since they clearly have a choice and they chose this.  Our current political “leaders” (why do we call them “leaders”?) choose to ignore what’s going on.  So congrats are due to Jack Layton’s (and the labor unions’) you’ve got to be kidding party, the Liberal Party, and most of the Conservative party.  And the CBC, et al.  Well done.

    Headline:  Carleton student association bans anti-abortion club.

    But this is just perfectly typical of Canada’s state-owned, taxpayer-funded universities today, wherein liberals and progressives generally have sort of “assumed” them over time, with the blessing of successive progressive governments who purposely look the other way.  Like our current governments. 

    At Carleton, among all the other usual academics, they teach public affairs, journalism, “film studies”, and the rest of the usual university fare.  Some of their offerings include a Combined BA (Honours) interdisciplinary degree in “Human Rights”.  And naturally as a publicly-owned, taxpayer-funded left-wing-centric educational institution, they have a “Women and Gender Studies” program, which, I think, is to teach far-left feminism and progressivism to already left-wing women activists.  It’s called The Pauline Jewett Institute for Women

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