Taliban leader caught? Therefore, CBC’s left-wing nutbars come out of their rat holes in protest.

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File this under the heading “Where did they learn this?”  Or you may choose the heading “At the CBC”.

Only extreme left-wing zealots and nuts could possibly come up with the kind of deranged drivel you find in the comments at the state-owned, taxpayer-funded representation of Canada: the CBC and its despicable web site.  And it could be credibly argued, this could only occur if the web site welcomed this level of idiotspeak and left-wing, Bush-hating discourse, and let it occur, over and over, thereby actually encouraging it.

On the news article today about the savage Islamofascist terrorist Taliban leader being arrested (unfortunately not shot dead) in Pakistan, within minutes, two comments appeared reading: “What about Chenney, Rumsfeld and Bush ?”

Never mind that President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Defense Secretary Gates have more troops deployed there than Bush did.  The fact that CBC readers so often view President Bush, Vice President “Chenney”, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in exactly the same light as savage Islamofascist terrorist Taliban leaders who gave aid and comfort to savages who declared war on America and the west killing thousands of innocent Americans and Canadians and others in a brutal attack, while at the same time slaughtering innocents in Afghanistan to take over that country, raping and torturing women and children along the way… tells us all we need to know about following the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC has managed to nurture and encourage with our government’s blessing.  For us and our children and families and all the world to see. 

But worried that he didn’t seem to get his message across, he submitted it again, and again it was allowed to be presented to the world on “our” website (once again spelling “Chenney” like an uneducated ignoramus). 

Note that the CBC moderates and approves the comments at the CBC prior to their being posted. 

This is the same CBC web site where I found the words, in a comment posted at an article about a Canadian soldier dying in the fight in Afghanistan, “THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE”.  And others like that.

Unlike the “Official Languages Commissioner” who will “investigate” the amount of French being spoken at the Olympian government games,  there is no oversight whatsoever, apparently, prepared to “investigate” the far-left extremist sentiment being nurtured at the state-owned, taxpayer-funded CBC. 

All the political parties in Canada support the CBC, including the Conservative Party;  as do many companies and organizations, including the Canadian military and the RCMP, who support it through their advertising.  Yet it is web sites like this one — ProudToBeCanadian — which they deem too “extreme” to advertise on or support in any way, shape, or form.  God bless ‘em.

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