Suzuki playing gutter politics

I have likely never seen a more outrageous, mean-spirited attack on a politician by a public figure than that by environment crusader David Suzuki on Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach.

Suzuki—an individual for whom I had little respect in the past—has hit a new low.

This individual comes to our province and declares Stelmach “doesn’t deserve” to be our leader and is “unworthy” to be our premier.

Plus, Steady Eddie’s policies will lead to the wrecking of our economy.

Well, I’ve always had doubts about Suzuki’s own credentials as a so-called expert on climate change. But I never knew he also claimed to be an expert on the economy.

What Suzuki really is—in my opinion—is little more than a popular entertainer for the liberal-left set.

Much the same as what former vice-president Al Gore has become with his half-fact, half-fiction documentary movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Now, that’s fine.

I’m a bit of an entertainer myself.

Try to write in an entertaining fashion to get readers—even enthral them—to read my commentaries.

Yet, Suzuki is, in so many ways, a self-serving individual.

Again, that’s fine—aren’t we all, in some ways?

Anyway, he’s found a cause, and made a name for himself out of that cause.

That some of the claims he makes is bogus to many may be irresponsible, but we do live in a land of free speech.

The truth is, and here I’ll give Suzuki his due, the temperature is rising slightly.

The rise, though, is hardly caused by industrial mankind.

Over the centuries the temperature has risen and fallen.

It’s natural cycle.

Recall the Ice Age?

And remember just 25 years ago pseudo-scientists were predicting a new Ice Age.

It never came.

So, now pseudo-scientists are predicting global warming.

Which we had in the past.

Centuries ago, Alberta was jungle and dinosaurs roamed the region, while the deserts of the world were awash with water.

Industrial mankind didn’t cause the jungles to disappear from the prairies or water from the Mideast.

The cycles of the sun did.

Another cycle is what is basically causing the somewhat irrelevant climate change today—sun spots.

A flaring up of the sun.

Mankind can’t do anything to alter what’s happening on the sun.

If Suzuki were a true scientist, he would not only know that but would admit it, or at least admit it was possible or likely.

Instead, he carries on with his entertainment roadshow, which again is legitimate in our free society.

But when he rages at a decent and honourable man who has been elected several times by the free will of the people to the Alberta legislative assembly, he puts himself and his views deeply in the gutter.

Stelmach deserves an apology.

He won’t get one—Suzuki is too ego-ridden to grovel as he should.

Finally, he’s no economist.

He attacks our oilsands development not realizing it is Alberta’s energy resources that are driving our entire nation’s buoyant economy.

Kill the oilsands development and we’ll see a nationwide recession like the one that followed the National Energy Program.

David, play the clown and show your bad manners anywhere else you like, but not in our province.

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