Survey Says… not what liberals and progressives think, or want to hear

The American Compass group did a survey and then progressives’ heads exploded. That’s because normal people aren’t being swayed by the Left and their woke idiocy, at least as it pertains to their family.

In their Home Building Survey, they found that most working women prefer to have at least one stay-at-home parent to look after the kids. Liberals are against that.

And rather than a national daycare program, they’d rather just have the cash instead, so they can spend it on, you know, staying at home with the kids and raising a family. Liberals are against that too.

It’s only the well-to-do who want both parents working, and a national daycare program. Liberals.

Key Findings

    • American attitudes about family structure vary widely, but most families see a full-time earner and a stay-at-home parent as the ideal arrangement for raising young children.
      • 53% of married mothers prefer to have one full-time earner and one stay-at-home parent while raising children under the age of five.
      • A full-time, stay-at-home parent is the most popular arrangement across lower-, working-, and middle-class respondents.
    • Parenting-age Americans prefer direct cash assistance to other forms of family policy, but paid family leave and childcare remain popular among women without children and upper-class adults.
      • Among people who support greater government assistance overall, 32% choose direct cash assistance as their preferred policy and 17% choose a wage subsidy, as compared to 19% and 20% for paid leave and subsidized childcare, respectively.
      • Support for cash assistance is likewise a much stronger first choice among lower- and working-class families (34% and 20%, respectively), whereas paid leave and subsidized childcare are preferred by their middle- and upper-class counterparts.
    • As a form of direct cash assistance, parenting-age Americans prefer monthly payments to an end-of-year tax credit.
      • 60% of parenting-age Americans prefer monthly checks to an income tax credit.
      • Respondents favoring cash assistance, in particular, prefer monthly payments by a five-to-one margin.

…And there is a lot more information as well. It’s an extensive survey.

The group who did the study is led by Oren Cass, who wrote an interesting New York Times piece this week called:

The Biden and Romney Family Plans Go Too Far — 
A policy that sustains people in joblessness is not ultimately anti-poverty.”

As you can imagine, liberals’ and progressives’ heads exploded once more, and once more, they said stupid things on Twitter. So he doubled down, as any self-respecting man with facts and evidence to back him and his principles up would do. He wrote a followup explaining that at the National Review just today, called “The Left’s Welfare Extremism“, in which he swats down his rather science and logic-challenged opponents. It’s all good stuff for your arsenal of talking points when being challenged by liberal and progressives as soon as you’re in their presence.

P.S.: Here’s how the survey was conducted (and there are further explanations in the document):
The American Compass Home Building Survey was conducted by YouGov between January 21 and January 28, 2021, with a representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 18–50 living in the United States, including 1,174 respondents who reported being a parent or guardian. YouGov interviewed 2,214 respondents who were then matched down to a sample of 2,000 to produce the final dataset. The respondents were matched to a sampling frame on gender, age, race, and education. The frame was constructed by stratified sampling from the 2018 American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year sample subset on those aged 18–50, with selection within strata by weighted sampling with replacements (using the person weights on the public use file).

Here’s a link to the whole survey.

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