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Click to contribute please — we’re now using STRIPE! has not had a fee for membership or any subscription fee, ever. It has relied on some sort of user-based volunteer revenue for years, a part of it being Google Ad revenue. But that has become a moral quagmire for us. Google literally owns the online ad market now — it’s virtually a monopoly.

But Google is also a political activist company like so many others have become.  Apparently, they dislike conservatives, ideologically. It can be fairly argued and demonstrated that they actively work against conservatives, or at least conservative talking points and values. They are inarguably a large part of the huge techno-cabal that has banned and/or disenfranchised conservative voices (mostly, Google does this through their YouTube division, to say nothing of their Google Search division, which does apparently seem to hide conservative voices in their search results, in favor of blatantly anti-conservative voices). So we are discussing ways of ending any reliance whatsoever on Google and their ad service. We’re sure you agree.

For years we also relied on sales of our slick shiny metal lapel pin, but alas, it was made in China, and so for a number of good, moral reasons, we decided it may not be the best fit for our site. So we stopped selling it altogether. (Any Canadian, American, Australian, or European pin makers out there? Africa?)

But in any case, PayPal, which we relied on for our payment gateway for contributions and payments for that lapel pin, for example, has dropped us for no apparent reason that they care to explain (read about it here), after dropping an email bomb on us with the headline:

“You can no longer do business with PayPal”

…and offering no specific reason whatsoever.

We have relied on direct cash support from people like you. And that has helped. But now PayPal won’t even let us. (Now we use STRIPE!)

Running a sometimes contentious site like this is an enormously costly proposition in terms of time, money, work effort, and most especially, legal risk. Any number of people — including the state-owned CBC which has threatened us — would love to sue us every day for the stuff found at our site, if for no other reason than to “legal-fee” us to death. They don’t care if they win, so much as drowning us in legal fees. Or at least they hope for our fear of that, often by simply writing stern emails. The threat is real; even if the actual damage we supposedly caused is actually a total farce. No matter, it costs money. (For more context on that, particularly with regard to our columnists, read this.)

If you feel our website is providing a valuable service to you or supports the things you believe in, please consider “voting with your dollars”. That’s basically how the free market works. You can do it by clicking here or the icon below, using STRIPE, a reliable, secure credit card (or ApplePay or Google Pay – your choice) payment service. Hopefully, STRIPE won’t drop us too.

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