Sunny Sunday Newsquip(s)

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Sunday Newsquips daily briefing:  A PTBC reader screen-named twh from Keene Ontario sent along a nice PTBC web site life-support check for $100 (Friday), so a thousand thanks to twh.  In less important news, we have relatives visiting from the great United States of America this weekend.  So we’re going to go “outside”. I hear it’s sunny and brisk today.  We’re going to visit some of those Vancouver tourist spots we hear so much about.  Memo to liberals and further leftists and other CBC fans:  I’ll be sure to totally insult our American cousins (niece actually, in this case) and browbeat them about wars and peace and “free health care” and gratuitously bash and mock Sarah Palin and of course George Bush for you. 

1.  National Post opinionator Kelly McParland today, on a micro-topic I quipped about yesterday in item #2 and #4):

“What looked like it could be a great year for Alaska is turning out to be not so glorious. Not only did Governor Sarah Palin go from vice-presidential candidate to national punching bag, but once-powerful Senator Ted Stevens finally accepted this week that his 40 years in Washington are at an end. …”

… then a few lines down…

That Sarah Palin.

Even back home in Alaska she can’t get a break.

This is Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. and, as is the custom, the Alaska governor went off to pardon a local turkey. “It’s fun,” she said. “I’m where I need to be.”

Unfortunately, as she yakked away for several minutes in a TV interview, in the background a local turkey worker continued slaughtering birds, which can be seen getting stuffed into some kind of machine, their feet quivering and shaking as something unspeakable happens.

Palin doesn’t notice. Maybe she was too busy keeping an eye out for Russians.

Way to cut her “a break”.

2.    I like movies that have no big Hollywood “stars” in them (I never support the mouthy uber-liberal stars no matter what), and I can live without the repeated a thousand times over themes of sex and violence in movies.  So this weekend movie news hit the conservative spot in me:  “NO SEX, NO VIOLENCE, NO STARS: ‘TWILIGHT’ STORMS BOX OFFICE”.  It opened at #1.  These kinds of movies often do.  And yet Hollywood keeps pumping out, well, the opposite.  Go figure. 



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