State-run CBC: “Film at 11!!” Or not. Probably not.

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I was going to do a blog entry to shine a light on how adept the state-run media and it’s multi-gazillion-dollar state-run people’s web site, the, is at avoiding calling a spade a spade, or a Liberal a Liberal.

They managed to report the story—a big news story—on Liberal Sponsorship scandal star Jean Brault being sentenced today, without ever once mentioning the world “Liberal” or “Liberal Party” at all.  Not even once.  No not once. 

It’s as if the Liberals weren’t remotely involved. 

See: they report—you decide—based on half the story. That’s the liberal version of fair and balanced media!

Anyway that was quite remarkable, I thought.  But since at the bottom of the story they indicated “MORE TO COME”, I thought I’d wait until they finished their public-sector union coffee break or whatever it was that stopped them from finishing their taxpayer-funded work, before tattletaling on them.  I assumed in the finished product, I’d find plenty of “Liberal”, because they’re all about telling the whole story at the state-run media.

Well now they’re finished.

Here’s the big change now that they’re finished:

On the original, it said:
Last Updated Fri, 05 May 2006 15:39:06 EDT

And on the finished version it says:
Last Updated Fri, 05 May 2006 15:58:17 EDT

Plus they added a picture of Brault.  And they removed the words “MORE TO COME”.

I guess they thought their original was as good as reportin’ can get!  But hey, as long as we’re getting good value for our BILLION DOLLARS per year of taxpayer cash.

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