State-censor won’t intervene in Blogger’s anti-Jew, hate/murder effort

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From the liberals’ CRTC—Canada’s state-censor—the same folks who banned Fox News Channel from Canada for years:

CRTC rejects bid by Ottawa lawyer to block access to U.S.-based hate websites

1 hour, 39 minutes ago

TORONTO (CP) – Canada’s telecommunications regulator has rejected a bid by an Ottawa lawyer to block access to two U.S.-based hate websites that call for the “violent overthrow” of the Canadian government and the “extermination” of Jews in this country.

In an application filed to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission on Monday, Richard Warman said websites by a Nazi sympathizer contain material intended to incite violence against him that has caused him to fear for his life.

The application to the CRTC described Bill White of Roanoke, Va., as a neo-Nazi who has encouraged people to “take violent action” against Warman and even posted his home address on the sites.

Warman argued the websites communicate hate and advocate genocide, which are offences under the Criminal Code.

[…] One of the websites, hosted by Google’s weblog service Blogger, was taken offline Wednesday.

“We want Blogger to enable free expression, including the hosting of views and opinions that are unpopular,” Google spokesman Steve Langdon said.

“However, advocating violence against a person is not acceptable.”

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