S.S. Nutbar: Sea Shepherd’s pirate ship officially registered in “Iroquois Confederacy” last year

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We thought it was weird that failed Liberal Cap’n Paul Martin’s multinational, multi-million-dollar shipping company registered its ship in tax havens outside of Canada.  That’s nothing.  The further left the operation, the weirder the Cap’n gets, apparently.

According to the National Post today, what I call the Sea Shepherd Society’s S.S. Nutbar (actually it’s officially named RV Farley Mowat, after Canadian author and supporter Farley Mowat, perhaps because Mowat once admitted on Canada’s state-owned media that he doesn’t let the facts get in the way of the truth), has been registered all over the planet recently: 

Countries of Registration

2002 – Canada
Dec. 9 2006 – United Kingdom
Dec. 19 2006 – Belize
2007 – Iroquois Confederacy (Mohawk Nation)
2008 – Netherlands

Next up:  Funkytown!

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