So much bull. So little time.

A couple of things to mention this morning: I’m on Twitter a lot more than writing articles here, these days. So for a little cross-platforming and in case you don’t do Twitter (I don’t blame you), here’s a couple of things I’ve been watching this morning:

This was with reference to the fact that the Trudeau government has failed, miserably, using ridiculous excuse after excuse, to even remotely come up with the modelling that we as normal people need — require — to have. They’ve provided them in the U.S., and in B.C., and other places. The state-owned CBC’s Rosemary Barton is a terrible reporter and news channel anchor, practically Justin Trudeau’s biggest and most vocal defender in all of Canada. And apparently she’s a good U.S. Democrat too. Seriously. And no, she’s not paid by Trudeau or the government…. oh hang on… yeah… C.B.C.

Enough with the bitching and pointing at Donald Trump and the U.S.  They are way ahead of the curve, especially compared to Canada. Yet the news media in Canada is more a Trudeau and Liberal government cheerleading squad. They explain away, defend, and applaud the Trudeau liberals. In the U.S., and here, the media is more like an opposition party. They’re like the rabid anti-Trump “squad.” Canadian columnists and journos’ timelines are filled with anti-Trump bullshit, but never, ever, any anti-Trudeau stuff. They’re transparently sycophantic toward Trudeau Liberals, and obsessively, equally transparently, political partisans against Trump. They retweet far-left anti-Trump tweets all day long. Actually, they’re most like the Chinese government in how they deal with Trump. Think on that awhile.

Then there’s this troubling thing going on amongst Canada’s left, in government and media:

…which goes well with the following tweet thread:

It really is massive news. If not on the international diplomacy front, and in the way our relationship with the United States has apparently been declared dead by the health minister, it is at least massive in this way: it’s the sheer size of the gaffe emanating from this Trudeau government minister — a totally inept health minister if I’ve ever seen one. Anywhere. In my life.

The WHO is practically a division of China’s Communist Party. This is not an overstatement. They helped arrange for its current chief, Tedros, to become its head. Tedros is a Marxist-Leninist politician, with a record of alleged cover-ups of other health crises, from Ethiopia. I’m not throwing commie labels around. The party he belongs to is a legitimately Marxist-Leninist party. Self-described. Much like China. No wonder he always defends China, by citing false numbers which puts China in a better light, and calls Canadians “racists” for calling it the China Virus or the Wuhan Virus. Which is what it is. (Note Dr. Tam, who lover her some WHO, joined him in calling us “racists.” Here’s a link to Dr. Tam calling Canadians racists. And in case she deletes her bombastic and inexcusable tweets in utter shame and in her effort to rewrite history, here’s a screenshot of Dr. Tam calling Canadians racists.)


That’s just one of a thousand questions that need to be addressed in holding this — and “government” writ large — to account after this ends. Assuming we still have a country to examine. To conclude for now, I said this earlier today:

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