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She said what now?

BC’s virus doctor Bonnie Henry uses big words. As quoted in the Vancouver Sun moments ago:

It reads:

The health authority continues to vaccine people 30 and older in 10 hot spot areas …

“Wearecontinuingtofocuson doingwhatwecantogetpeopleimmunizedasquicklyaspossiblein Surrey,” Henry said.

When asked whether the province will open eligibility for all adults in Surrey 18 and over, similar to the mass vaccination strategy in Whistler and Prince Rupert, Henry said “it’saverydifferentthingtotargetacommunitywithhundredsof thousands ofpeopleversusacommunitywithafew thousand people.Soweneedtousedifferentstrategiestomakesurethatpeopleareabletogetintotheclinicsinanefficientway.”

She may need a break.

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