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Science, baby! CTV “reports” on request to stop calling it “breastfeeding” — to appease the “men who have babies”

You thought Trudeau admonishing some young girl to say “peoplekind” instead of “humankind” was wokestupid? Pfft. Progressives never stop progressing.

Now they say “breastfeeding” insults men who, um, breastfeed milk, to, um, the babies they had. So “breastfeeding” is cancelled, and replaced with “chestfeeding!” Yup. Science! 

Liberal and leftists say they are all about science, but that’s only until science gets in the way of their agenda. Then they hate science and revert to form.

By the way, I believe sperm is now called peoplejuice according to Trudeau and the liberal set, thus accommodating “women who generate sperm.”

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