Revising History for the Opinionated Fool

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It has been said that those who do not know history are bound to repeat it.  History is the teacher of humanity’s past self. Although the accounts of our past were written by men who held private prejudices, they nevertheless strove to maintain objectivity in their chronicles and observations.  The ancients understood that history was all about facts, not a mindlessly nuanced exercise as undertaken by some modern West-loathing academics.

Today, history, if taught at all, attempts to pander to every special interest group which has enough clout to lobby government into teaching the special interest groups own version of history.  Islamists, gender feminists, and Afrocentrists have all successfully lobbied to have their own version of history, which has little or no relevance to the truth, taught in schools to further their own political, social, cultural or religious agendas.  All they ever need are a few revisionists in their corner to substantiate their fraudulent claim to some past glory.

Revisionism is a modern plague which has afflicted most modern socio-academics and pseudo-historians.  Any bizarre notion is immediately given credence by the mavens whose academic credentials are staked on publishing some esoteric theory regarding a given subject.  Academic institutions which are a breeding ground for politically correct egalitarian drones, adore any anti-Western iconoclast who could undercut Western Civilization.

The egalitarian goal of these pseudo-academics is invariably to devalue the achievements of our civilization while inflating the significance of other cultures and societies.  They extol every fallacious myth about any other cultures, societies or civilization in an attempt to prove these other civilizations have a claim to fame in times past.  Instead of the superlative, the egalitarian, strives to promote an equilibrium in which mediocrity can thrive.

Historical revisionism like cultural revisionism is all about making some part of the populous feel good about their ethnicity, religion or culture.  Revisionism not only conspires to teach falsehoods but also attempts to explain away evil.  In the end the revisionist subverts the truth by proclaiming that there is no such thing as the truth or facts.

As far as revisionists are concerned, facts are no more than another point of view which carries no more weight than another individual’s opinion.  They argue that truth can be determined only when all opinions regarding a subject can be accounted for in the conclusion.  This synthesis, to the revisionist, is the truth regarding any subject.

At the core of every revisionist beats the heart of a relativist.  In fact, revisionism and relativism are bound by a common bond to undermine truth and reason.  Relativism holds that there are no transindividual and transcultural truths or morals.  Truths and morals are to them relative to individuals and cultures holding such views.  Therefore there can be no such thing as absolute truths or morals common to mankind.  This is all in keeping with the present era of political correctness, which affirms inclusiveness and egalitarianism.

Objectivity therefore has no more merit than the subjective opinion of any madman.  Without objective reason there can be no good and evil, right or wrong, truth or falsehood.  There are only opinions, each as good or bad as the other.  Ultimately there is no objective morality just subjective ethics.  Without application of reason it is impossible to make a judgment regarding the validity of the subject.  Without the ability to judge the validity of the subject it is impossible to discriminate between good and evil, right and wrong and truth or falsehood.

Such a view is the very antithesis of our Western Civilization which has more often than not valued objectivity, truth and reason.  It was our inherent cultural objectivity, the use of reason and the search for the truth which made our Western Civilization the greatest civilization there ever was.  At its foundation lies Christianity which, despite the opinion of present day revisionists, provided a philosophical and religious basis to build a culture so unique and a civilization without equal.

However, our greatness is threatened not from external forces but from within.  As a society we look for agreement not for debate.  We endeavor to be as political correct as we can be, daring not to criticize even the absurd opinion of the irrational fool.  This is the kind of open mindlessness that let our brain fall out of its cranium and accepts as true every sophism we might encounter.

It is our diffidence in acknowledging and affirming the existence of absolutes and superlatives which will ultimately cause the demise of our great civilization.

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