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Home Quick Takes “Reap what you sow” — Canadians see the results of leftist preening

“Reap what you sow” — Canadians see the results of leftist preening

Below is a smattering of comments which represent the sentiment of nearly all the comments on an article in the Globe and Mail regarding the left-wing protests taking part in left-wing-led BC and across the country by left-wingers, far-leftists, and extreme left-wingers. Of course the article (written by Justine Hunter) never refers to the term “left-wingers.” Because that’s how they roll.

That’s right, there’s no leftists here folks, at all — of any kind, much less “socialists” or “communists” or “left-wing extremists” or “radical leftists” and certainly no “alt-left” elements — important terms which actually define a great many of the protesters, as I’ve pointed out here with actual facts. So the news report fails to address the salient facts of the matter for some reason having nothing to do with the fact that the media studiously props-up all leftists and leftist causes including the NDP, climate-protesters, pipeline protesters, anti-capitalists, transgenders, every indigenous cause, feminist empowerment, all day long, every single day…

But objective journalism y’all!


16 hours ago
Let’s hope Horgan understands the rich irony he finds himself in after supporting the same group of recreational activists when it was politically convenient on Transmountain.

It’s the same people who are available on a moments notice – any day of the week, to protest the cause du jour, first world hypocrites.


30 minutes ago
The indigenous putting all this time and effort should focus their time and energy on fixing addiction, homelessness, and orphaned children on the reserve as it’s much more deserving of their time and will have a better, lasting impact.


55 minutes ago
How do you feel about UNDRIP now Horgan?


2 hours ago
This Mr. Horgan is what you have spawned so take responsibility for the bed you have made.


9 hours ago
You reap just what you sow Mr. Horgan.

First they came for the oil sands, and I cheered them on, because I wasn’t in the oil sands.


10 hours ago

If I did not despise him for his naked hypocrisy, I could almost feel sorry for Horgan.

He must be thinking: “where did I go wrong? I did all the cynical virtue signalling things I was supposed to do. I said all the right things about reconciliation, about UNDRIP even though I knew it was nonsense and a recipe for disaster. I vilified Alberta, I spat on the Canadian resource economy, I professed myself a true believer in the most radical and hyperbolic parts of the climate change industry. And yet, in the end they turned on me. Me, their one true saviour. Oh woe.”

Ah Horgie, you poor dear little fella.. Paying the price of phoniness is often delayed, but never avoided.

Now, about getting that genie back in the bottle – best of luck.

Love and kisses,


16 hours ago
Settler state is very racist and insulting. Makes new immigrants feel unwelcome too.  Shame on these protesters.


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