Awarded for his astute, succinct observation and understanding government as a general matter;  particularly how big government and its profligate spending has a converse relationship to our freedom:

PTBC Quote of the Week Award

“Spending is a liberty issue. Every time Obama takes money from you for the government to
use, that’s a dollar that the state decides how to spend and the citizen doesn’t.”

—Mark Steyn

This, after the President announced he intends to “freeze spending” (wink!) as some sort of a benevolent gesture… but the “freeze” excludes his spending on his “stimulus” plan, his “health care” “plan”, and various entitlement spending, and pretty much everything else.  Apparently it only applies to the purchase of bottled water or something.  And this, after increasing discretionary spending by at least 24% in less than a year, invoking a nearly trillion-dollar “stimulus” package that has arguably produced negligible results or worse, enticed Americans with the promise of a two-trillion-dollar “health care” “plan”, and raising the debt ceiling by at least two TRILLION dollars, to $14.3 TRILLION dollars. 

As Mr. Steyn points out, Americans’ freedom has thus been rather vastly reduced, under President Obama. 

* Here’s what Mr. Steyn said, word-for-word:
“Spending is the means to control;  because spending is a liberty issue … every time he takes money from you to spend on something the government does, that’s a dollar that the state decides how to spend, and the citizen doesn’t get to decide how to spend.  So spending is always a liberty issue, but spending on this scale is a colossal liberty issue.”

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