PTBC Paragraph of the Week Award: to Mark Steyn for advanced studies in ClimateGate poli-sci

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“…What these documents reveal is the greatest scientific scandal of our times—and a tragedy. It’s not just their graphs but their battle lines that are drawn all wrong. Science is never “settled,” and certainly not on the basis of predictive models. And any scientist who says it is is no longer a scientist. And the dismissal of “skeptics” throughout the Jones/Mann correspondence is most revealing: a real scientist is always a skeptic. …”

—Mark Steyn
  Maclean’s column
  December 3 2009 (online)


Mr. Steyn also gets some kind of award for making me laugh with his spot-on airquotes, which readers know I love, so.  I particularly liked this two-fer as he quotes the “president” of “Europe”:

But the Maclean’s editors must have had to at least be cajoled by Mark into putting the absolutely spot-on quotes around “science”, here in the headline:



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