PTBC now a partial paywalled site to enable Porsche-buying

I’m experimenting with a paywall for this site, enabling me to “wall off” any or all articles at PTBC.  This is designed to generate enough money to buy a new Porsche every so often. I’m sure you understand, and I care ever so much that you do.

First, because I know this is top of mind for you, what do I mean by “every so often?” Well, it will depend largely on what experts call “whenever the hell I feel like it, buttmunch.”

If you want to read the whole article behind the new paywall, it will cost you some moolah. Currently, it is set at 75¢ per article — a large amount even for Porsche owners. But at least these “News Roundups” shorts are free despite their obvious value (I could charge at least a nickel for ’em, so I hope you appreciate my benevolence.)

Think very, very carefully before making this investment, as I cannot, and even if I could I will not, refund your money, even if you hate the article and you spit at your monitor and contact the Prince of Canada, Harry McMarkle (see below), to complain.

I understand Canadians are suffering under the strain of paying for things they consume, but oh man Porsches are so cool.

This is a per-post thing, but the system also enables you to purchase a one-month “subscription” at an even huger cost — a cost that approaches that of a Big Mac (or for those of you in Quebec, “Un Gros Mac du MACdunALDS” I’m guessing but I don’t really care). You will probably be able to buy both a monthly sub and a Big Mac, some economics experts who wear lab coats say, probably.

So far, I’ve set it up so all the recent “Full-Length” or long articles (1000 words +/-) and the “Quick Takes” or medium-length articles (500 words +/-) are all paywalled (back to a certain date, anyway, because I’m only just so ambitious and I don’t HAVE to have the most expensive Porsche leather package), meaning you can only read the first three paragraphs or so without buying the article. But I get to manually adjust where the cut-off is so be nice to me. I could cut it off after one word or in the middle of a really long word. Sometimes I’ll let you read like four paragraphs, because I’m crazy like that.

I’ve also paywalled some of the old columnists’ columns since I paid those guys and gals out of my Porsche fund when I published them back in the day. And as I said, the shorties are free and if you look hard enough, you’ll find old articles are still free too for now. You’re welcome.

If it becomes a hassle to count all the incoming cash, I’ll get rid of it.

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