Private members’ bills about rights

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To liberals-left fundamentalists generally, rights are afforded to some but not others.  That’s “progressive”.

One extreme leftist private member’s bill caused an amendment to our laws a few years ago.  Gay activist and convicted thief Svend (”White Swan” ) Robinson pushed through his private member’s bill which added sexual orientation to the definition of a hate crime, even though it was pretty clear that it was already against the law to commit hate crimes against heterosexuals or homosexuals or transvestites or cross-dressers or anybody else. 

Now a women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, and a Charter equality rights litigator says that changing the law to recognize as murder the intentional killing of an unborn child that the pregnant mother chose to keep, would be redundant.

I can’t really see what adding this other crime would do except to be satisfying in a symbolic way.

That’s strange.  I can. 

(Hat tip: Ross M.)

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