President Obama personally wishes me a “Happy Holiday”. At Christmas.

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Earlier today I mentioned those creepy Obama orb emails I get from Barack Obama and his Obamatons who I guess work inside the big giant orb (by which I don’t mean the one he sits on).  But nothing prepared me for the festive “HOLIDAY”, um, “greeting”, that I received from “Him” this morning, to me personally!  Those Obamatons are super techy!  Here’s the email…

…and here’s the moment from the video in which he actually signed a card to me personally.  Yes the President of the United States … that’s his hand actually signing one written out to me!  See it?  It’s below the orb!  And it’s all on video!  Nuttin fake er anything!

Very presidential!  Very “organic” and not “astroturfy” at all!  It’s so “honest”!  And “transparent”! 

And by God, bless him for not using the word CHRISTMAS at Christmas time, and substituting the word “Holiday” instead.  Saying “merry Christmas” would be just TOO REAL!  Too, I don’t know, “traditional”… and “American”!  And as we know, those days are over!  They’re yucky!  Now we’re into truth and science and hope ‘n change!  And of course the orb. 

I believe in the orb!  Forget Christmas! 

And “Happy Holidays” back atcha, “Barack”.

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