Poll suggests Canadians are cool with Harper Conservatives’ handing of the “man-made global warming”

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Poll from CTV.ca this morning — after the CTV helpfully (to scientists) posted yet another alarm-laden freak-out article about how scientists are up in arms about how Canada and its government isn’t giving them enough cashola!  That’s right, folks, we aren’t giving them enough of our dough yet.  On this whole “man-made global warming” thing, I’m ever so surprised at how government funding of scientists comes into this!  Scientists are concerned about… THEIR FUNDING.  Weird.  It’s never enough.  Kinda like welfare.  Or “artists”.  Never enough of the state’s cash.  Huh. Well at least there’s no alarm bells there. 

From CTV.ca:
Today’s Question
What’s your view on how the Harper government is handling climate change?

It’s doing just fine 56%
It’s sweeping it under the rug 44%

Please note, as I’m sure all scientists will, that this CTV.ca poll isn’t “scientific”.  Men and women wearing white lab coats will tell you that.  And if they aren’t wearing white lab coats when they read the poll, they’ll put one on, and then they’ll tell you that the poll, why… it isn’t scientific, by George!  That’s how we know.  For those of you playing at home, I found a terrific link to a place selling lab coats for $3.99 —and the liberals will love this —they’re “unisex”!

As I see it, there is no wrong answer.  Either way —they’re “doing just fine”, or they’re “sweeping it under the rug” —is just fine with me.  In fact they’re “doing too much” is the correct answer. 

Here’s the scary scary story or at least the part under the CTV’s scary mid-story sub-headline “Financial Woes”, even though the entire story reads like a scientists’ PR presser designed to indoctrinate and ultimately give scientists more of what they want (more of our cash):

Financial woes

Laprise and other scientists in his field are frustrated that the 2010 federal budget, made public last month, set aside no new money for the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences, the main source of federal funding for climate-related research.

CFCAS was founded in 2000 and has doled out $116 million on 198 research grants at universities from Victoria to Halifax.

Canadian scientists who have contributed to international initiatives such as the World Climate Programme and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change rely on the foundation for a large part of their research money. …

I’d advise you to set your hair on fire, but you know, CO2 emission and all…

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