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Poll question #1: “What is your gender? Choose one.” Three choices offered.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere’s a quick take on three little items today:

1. First up, a poll delivered to me yesterday with an odd third option — even for a west-coast Canadian polling company:

Hard to figure why polls are always so unreliable these days, huh?

Why not “Both”?  Or “A combination of five different genders”? And why not also ask “Do you even see yourself as a human rather than as a muskrat?”

If this is how you frame the question, why even ask? I mean besides just bending over for the liberal-left’s PC division. And given that propensity for the PC, how skewed could these poll results be? Pretty.

2. Hillary is “powering through it,” apparently. We know this, because she said so on CNN in a live tongue-bath by Anderson Cooper on Monday. And then all of Hillary Clinton’s multitudinous campaign staffers, surrogates; then her cable news anchors, and all her reporters repeated the exact same phrase for two days, each time saying it like it was their own phrase and like it was objective reporting. This sort of thing NEVER happens in Canada with the media’s Justin Trudeau (especially by the state-owned CBC, heh) so I thought I’d show you how The Washington Free Beacon captured it nicely in a great video:

Next up on CNN: Anderson Cooper takes another, even closer look at the “vast right-wing conspiracy” and how it’s so, like, real ‘n everything.

3. Passive-agressive and two-faced much? To be sure (real sure), Colin Powell has nothing even remotely pleasant to say about Donald Trump… or, it seems, many other people whom he previously led to believe were his friends. But among some of the emails revealed by DCleaks and reported on The Hill website (and now also most of the others which aren’t pure Clinton sycophants), Powell tells a “friend,” Jeffrey Leeds, that his erstwhile chum Hillary is “greedy” and has a husband, President Bill Clinton, who is still “dicking bimbos (according to the NYP)”. This, while he apparently emailed and offered Hillary friendly hellos and helpful hints on how to handle her government emails, etc.

Talk about your “bimbo eruption” (of a sort). And cue the bimbo-shaming outrage, but besides all that fun stuff… Suffice it to say that these pals — Hillary and Colin — and Bill — are not likely going to be palling around so much moving forward. Powell is not a happy Clinton warrior, say, in the style of CNN or its “reporter” Christiane Amanpour. And in return he won’t likely be getting that Seasonal Happy-Tree Greetings! card from Hillary this Christmas. Or a Christmas card from Trump (probably mostly because, you know, RACIST!!!!!).

Powell did vote for Obama. Twice. So Powell could be dead wrong about a lot of things. Except about Hillary.


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