Plane crashes into IRS building: CBC fans reflexively blame “right-wingers”, “teabaggers”.

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CBC radical leftists and idiots are racing to post their BLAME RIGHT-WINGERS! screed on the taxpayer-paid state-owned CBC web site, for the benefit of all Canadians.  (Avoid the CBC’s ridiculous version:  Read the story here). 

For extra amusement, the usual number of the totally irrational left-wing 9/11 ‘Truthers’ add to the CBC mix, in addition to one who calls this a “patriotic” (not terrorist!) act, and uses the CBC web site to publicly call for this just sort of “patriotic” violent uprising against business, or at least banks in particular.  And naturally, one calls the pilot a crazy “teabagger”, using the most despicable, derogatory term possible to describe at least half of America, which apparently the CBC has decided — perhaps in a committee setting — to officially approve, when used by its delightful commenters against conservatives and normal — non-progressive — concerned Americans.  And one thinks the homicidal pilot is actually a sort of a “martyr” to the cause, like the Islamofascist, homicide bomber/terrorists all think they are “martyrs”.

CBC approves all these:

• MenoKnight wrote:Posted 2010/02/18 at 12:30 PM ET
They say on CNN it is an IRS building.
A crazy Tea Party Nut?

• Pedestrian wrote:Posted 2010/02/18 at 12:35 PM ET
So why hasn’t the building collapsed in to it’s own footprint yet? It’s been burning for quite a long time, and my understanding of the Official Truth has always been that buildings collapse at the rate of free fall after events like this.

• MenoKnight wrote:Posted 2010/02/18 at 1:07 PM ET
CNN says It was a man with a grudge against the IRS
Just like a said, a tea party nut.

• Albertakid wrote:Posted 2010/02/18 at 1:10 PM ET
Not Terrorism, but patriotism. How long can people watch the government steal their hard-earned money and give it to their bankster friends? There needs to be an uprising of the middle class before there is no middle class left.

• Dice_K wrote:Posted 2010/02/18 at 1:10 PM ET
Hmm. On 9/11, building 7 “collapsed” and wasn’t even struck. Wonder if this building is made of tougher cardboard?

• Quasimodem wrote:Posted 2010/02/18 at 1:28 PM ET
Sure, I’ll go out on a limb and make a prediction without sufficient evidence, I think they will find that the pilot was a wild and crazy teabagger. One of Glenn Beck’s constant listeners.

• dizzydz wrote:Posted 2010/02/18 at 2:39 PM ET
Don’t waste your time with the terrorist theories. The guy has had a long running dispute with the real terrorists, the `Federal Taxman’ the ones who bleed us dry to subsidize the Halliburtons, Bechtels, Blackwaters, and GM’s of the world. Rest in Peace brother, your sacrifice will be remembered as those of a martyr.

Maybe the CBC fans should have read this part of the pilot’s suicide note, in which he apparently reveals himself to have been sort of the opposite of what the CBC commenters think —he actually seems to be a rabid anti-capitalist who reveres the lefts’ Marxist motto, and hates capitalism:

Not that it matters what side he’s on. He’s a murderer, either way.

Naturally, the socialism-reliant CBC doesn’t bother to include that tidbit of socialist credo, though, which is worth pointing out.

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