Op-Ed Submissions

ProudToBeCanadian (PTBC) needs good, bold writers. Full-length columns (650-1100 words), and blog postings (which can be as few as a dozen or two words) are needed. This can be a one-off, or a regular thing.

You and your opinion, your advocacy, and your name will benefit by the extra attention garnered by appearing here with other well-known writers. And you’ll be helping advance the conservative movement.

No financial compensation will be offered for submitted material. We’re not the state-owned CBC with a billion and a half taxpayer dollars to throw around.

Flag_logo_PTBC_Under_150x100If you want your opinions to appear on these pages, please let us know. Please ensure that copyright is owned by you, or you have explicit permission to have your material posted here in addition to anywhere else it is posted.

Credit to you and your affiliated organization and/or your latest book will be featured in your “profile” or bio, and if required, in a “signature” or bio at the end of every article. We like to include a self-portrait or headshot.


Aside from your having no copyright restrictions which would get us in trouble if we published something here, make sure your material isn’t libelous or defamatory.

Being funny is very welcome. But so is just being super-smart, and having interesting, original, well or easily documented fact-based opinions. Boring and dry and academic has been done before. No boring please.

Being clear-talking and maybe hard-hitting — bold colors, and no pale pastels — is of course a big part of what this site is about. And of course you must most definitely be an all-round conservative or a libertarian with a conservative stance. This is not for you liberals, socialists, communists, or any other brand of progressive.

Those are some of the requirements.

We also don’t need to do any more editing around here, so all material has to be perfectly spell-checked, grammatically sound, and altogether publication-ready — and that is an absolute must.

Contact page is here. From that page you can also upload files of material to us.