Once again stock market blasts through historic record high; CBC oblivious

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The Article

image of CBC's 'Plunge-o-Meter' when stock markets were going down -- never has been a 'Rise-o-Meter' The TSX stands at a record 14,803 right now, the highest it’s ever been in history, and in New York the Dow is also doing well lately. And the CBC is reporting virtually nothing, again.  And therefore they’re misinforming you. 

To get the attention of the liberal-leftist media like CBC, an oil company or a bank has to make a profit.  Then there’s a five-part “Passionate Eye” series on Newsworld about the evils of capitalism.  Or state funding has to be reduced for Canada’s “artists”, or Suzuki-forbid, the sacred CBC. 

Whenever the market takes a big drop, the CBC is all over it like rats to a carcass. For example, one day when they smelled delicious yummy free-market capitalist stock market calamity, they deployed a little graphic in the top right of the state-owned CBC Newsworld screen all day long, which I dubbed their “Plunge-o-Meter” (see at left).  They’ve never had a “Rise-o-Meter”.  I do believe they’re pimping for a recession and a stock market fall.

In other economy-related news today, General Motors, Chrysler, and the Canadian Auto Workers’ Union Party (CAW, um, P) have struck a tentative deal ensuring assembly line workers (and reliably left-wing-voting automatons) will retain their “sustainable” “living wage” of well in excess of $70 per hour in wages and benefits.  It sure is surprising that GM and all the others are having such a tough go at it these days with paltry wages like that.
image - Buzz_Hargrove_and_Paul_Martin
Far-left Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty of the Soviet Republic of Ontario has already paid GM a quarter of a BILLION taxpayer dollars since his swearing-in as Premier (sorry—not paid, “invested”—which is a socialist code for welfare or yummy spending of your tax dollars which we need more of by the way). 

You should by now know that this corporate welfare is nothing less than another cog in the liberal-left Fabian socialist wheel.  All liberals and leftists in Canada help drive this Fabian socialist wagon.  The destination is a Canada in which every single person and company is totally reliant upon the state and its giant nanny-state welfare teats for their very survival, thereby ensuring liberal-left nanny-state teat-sucking votes and cash and support at election time, as a matter of survival.  This is what is really meant by “progressive”!  And if I understand liberals correctly, this surrender of all personal (and corporate) responsibility and self-reliance to the state, is of course a “Canadian Value”

The leftist McGuinty also demands that the federal Harper Conservatives similarly “invest” in the giant auto corporations, which together form one of the few remaining viable industries in the totally America-reliant Ontario Republic.  This is not free-market capitalism.  This demand for more massive state “investment” in private corporations is actually code for “fascism” or at best, “communism”…  again, that’s “fascism” and “communism”.  Liberals simply call it “Tuesday”.

But their fawning news media isn’t taking that angle, shockingly.  No.  They’re instead all over the rabidly anti-conservative and ardent, militant socialist union boss and party leader Buzz Hargrove’s every word, and only his seemingly sacred word.  Every single thought he has about the deal is reported verbatim, including video footage, and of course reports of his gratuitous political bashing of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his demand that the government—politicians—(with them big honkin’ teats!) “get off their asses”, and save their increasingly fat asses, as is increasingly perceived to be the duty of government according to socialists.  (“Buzz” has to speak through the media in this way, because unlike most other dinosaur socialists, he doesn’t yet have a seat in the House of Commons, and hasn’t yet been appointed to the liberal benches of the liberals’ Senate division.) 

Not one word is presented in the media—at least not on the state-owned CBC—from the other side in the deal, the GM or Chrysler executives.  Or even an economics professor who isn’t also a Marxist (granted, they may have to call an American university for that).  What the companies—or, say, an actual free-market capitalist or a spokesman from the Canadian Taxpayer Federation—says or thinks matters not one wit to the leftist media.  It’s all about what the far-left union boss thinks.  And how it affects their socialist goals.

And therefore, again, the news media is misinforming you.

Joel Johannesen
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Joel Johannesen
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Latest posts by Joel Johannesen (see all)

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