Oh no, you left out the transexuals…

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The liberal-left fundamentalists are sure to pay for their short-sighted attempt to custom tailor their children to the colour of their drapes or the number of bunkbeds in their house or whether the bicycle they already bought has a crossbar or not.  They forgot about transexuals. 

I really wish this story was humourous but it’s actually very tragic…and socially progressive according to liberals.  Because abortion is good for Canada and the world.  And cosmetic abortions are even more precious to self-indulged liberal scumbags.  Any time you can waste a human life so you can live your life according to your own personal feelings and desires, you are socially progressive and promoting human rights.

The Western Standard’s Andrea Mrozek and Sean Ollech have put together a piece of investigative journalism that is sure to rock the foundations of feminist ideology in Canada.

The memo indicates that a clinic at the hospital held a presentation on February 9 dealing with sex selection, providing a rationale for acceptance of the practice.  The one example offered was the case of “Mary” who already has four boys and wants a girl.  The memo states, “during her routine 18 week ultrasound was told she is carrying another boy. She would like to terminate the pregnancy and try one more time for a girl.”

Western Standard also quotes a doctor who while in medical school was the student of Vancouver abortionist Garson Romalis, who says that Romalis admitted to performing sex selective abortions.

Joyce Arthur one of Canada’s most vociferous pro-abortion activists supports abortion regardless of the reason.  A position paper on sex selective abortion by Arthur’s Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada states “Being pro-choice means supporting a woman’s right to decide whether or not to continue a pregnancy for whatever reason, even if one personally does not agree with her reason.”


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