” ‘obviously you mistake me for someone who gives a s…’ ”

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Funny angle this morning on the ongoing created-by-the-self-important-media-with-too-much-idle-time Harper/Media pseudo-saga, from the Toronto Sun’s (Sun Media Group) Lorrie Goldstein.  (Hat tip: Ross M.)

Harper bids media a ‘bon voyage’

By Lorrie Goldstein

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I’m Lloyd Newman-Mansbridge and it’s time for the national news.

“A new poll tonight shows support for the Stephen Harper government slipping in its ongoing war with the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

“The poll, done exclusively for the press gallery by the polling firm ‘Opinions ‘R Us,’ was taken after the prime minister’s recent announcement that the media will be moved from their existing offices near Parliament Hill, onto a barge in the middle of the Ottawa River.

“However, the survey was completed before Lloyd Robertson and Peter Mansbridge chained Kevin Newman to the front doors of the House of Commons in protest.

“And the results are bad news for the Conservatives as they show that while 5% of the public support the prime minister on this issue, 3% side with the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

“Meanwhile, 92% of those surveyed offered no opinion, or, as they put it to the pollsters, ‘obviously you mistake me for someone who gives a s…’

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