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Home Canada Obama’s approval rating sinks again—nearing historic presidential lows

Obama’s approval rating sinks again—nearing historic presidential lows

Maybe it’s a lingering hangover from the fact that most Americans steadfastly reject his Obamacare “health care” dictum.  Maybe it’s the fact that Americans were and remain against the “stimulus” spending and bailouts resulting in a projected $19 TRILLION debt by the year 2019 (he’s already ratcheted it up to $13 TRILLION this year, while unemployment remains stubbornly high, against his own promises, and now there’s renewed talk of a double-dip recession).  Maybe it’s his refusal to enforce federal immigration law in Arizona because it doesn’t suit his political far-left base or his own political fancy, resulting in states taking things into their own hands by necessity, and in the meantime, countless illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S..  Maybe it’s his massive bungling of the oil leak crisis in the Gulf.  Maybe it’s when he lied about a report which he said was endorsed by scientists who suggested an immediate moratorium on oil drilling — which it turns out was a pure deceptive political play rather than one based on science (which he promised would never happen again — to wit his promise to “restore science to its rightful place”, as if President Bush had hijacked it and replaced it with his incessant “Christianity” — see Jonah Goldberg’s column today: “He Blinded Me With Science”).  I don’t know.  Maybe it was his most recent greasy moves, such as deferring to his administration’s credo of never letting a good “crisis go to waste”, and using this oil leak crisis as a springboard to implement more left-wing unscientific claptrap like his cap and tax bills; or his effort to sneak yet another “stimulus” package through this week, resulting in still more debt, which, as per the now obvious plan, the media nearly didn’t noticed.

Peggy Noonan says today he’s now a snakebit president, and it could just be bad luck.  Maybe it’s actually because he’s hopeless, and his ideas of “change”, it is now becoming more and more clear, are for the worse. 

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