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Normals fight back against protesting climate alarmists and nuts

As our Canadian election rolls on, pitting the left and far-left against the normals, some of the normals of the silent majority are bringing joy to my heart today, as they fight back against perennially-protesting leftists. Here’s a couple of video tweets — one from the U.K. and one from the U.S., and a news story about a planned truck convoy to counterprotest a climate rally in Edmonton, Canada. Does this suggest that the normals have finally had enough? Is the backlash by the normals finally underway? I don’t know. But this is a good start.

This first one takes the cake!

And finally, right here in Canada:

Canadian Press:
…Glen Carritt, who organized the United We Roll convoy that travelled to Ottawa in February, said a similar convoy will start in Red Deer, about 150 kilometres south of the Alberta capital, in the morning [Friday Oct 18].

He said trucks are expected to arrive at the legislature at noon, when a climate rally is to begin with Thunberg. …

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