FINAL UPDATE: Newsquips for Saturday morning, Oct 30, 2010

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Thanks again, New York Times.  Nobody in Canada boosts my numbers like you and other American publications and blogs.

Email from a PTBC reader:

FROM: Daniel
SUBJECT: Just in Time for Elections
DATE: October 30 2010, 7:07 AM

Hi Joel:

Just in time for mid-term US Congressional elections, comes this report linking genetics and liberalism.

It’s what the left has always ‘known’, and now, just like Global Frying, “the science is in”.

This news has a thrill running up the legs of many Democrats in the US, hoping voters will express their ‘geneticity’ at the polls, in hopes of averting a ‘tsunami’ of Republican Congressional wins.

In Canada, Liberals are excited, and are already seeking funding for more research into this phenomenon. Future research might reveal genetic links to other behavior, such as a predisposition to watching CBC news, or asking Federal MPs to impose more taxes.

Liberals are hoping that news of this discovery may lead to a vaccine against Judeo-Christian values, free enterprise, and free speech. While it may be too late for adult voters, Liberal researchers believe believe it may be possible to develop an oral vaccine that could be added to common beverages.

Like Kool-Aid.

Keep up the great work, Joel.

Thanks Daniel!

My neighbor, Glen, who’s family has become good friends of ours, is retiring this year and his fam bought him a flight in a Harvard airplane (the old WWII workhorse of the good guys) as a gift.  Glen worked for Canadian Airlines—Air Canada as an engine mechanic most of his life.  He’ll be buzzing around later this morning from our little local airport.  I’ll take some pics and post them!  HISTORY MATTERS!  For example, this is a great way to remind Canadians that if we had liberals like the F-35-canceling Michael Ignatieff in power all this time, we might still be using Harvards as our primary air defense!  (Yes, liberals, cool your jets — or propellers — I exaggerate).

HERE’s ONE PIC — MORE COMING and maybe a video.

Joel sitting in pilot’s seat, full of envy for my buddy who actually gets to fly.

Here’s a YouTube video — may not be the world’s most exciting thing for non-enthusiasts.

All the liberal media is thoroughly covering Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s big “Restore Sanity” rally in Washington DC like it’s a serious thing, even though it’s half premised on comedy and PR for the two of them. 

But the media barely gave mention, before or after, to conservative Glen Beck’s huge and serious “Restore Honor” rally (one of the biggest DC gatherings in history, attended by around a half million or more families and, well, the folks), in September.  Why is this?  Because the “Restore Sanity” rally is actually premised on bashing conservatives and the tea party movement.  Don’t believe me?  Just wait and watch.  Already we have news reports of the Democratic National Committee organizing and busing in huge numbers of stooges to bolster numbers and the phony appearance of success.  Unions: same.  Rabid anti-conservative and pro-socialist groups: same. 

Talk about astro turf. Red turf at that.


FROM: Dave H
SUBJECT: This might be a first!
DATE: October 30 2010, 10:59 AM

As I read the article below, I was shocked to see something written in the media about Liberal MPs doing bad things, and they actually referred to them as

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