News reports on senator’s nuclear info gaffe, but no party affiliation provided. Huh. Therefore, LIBERAL.

The liberal and leftist media misinformation and disinformation game continues apace.

It’s a story about a Canadian senator’s gaffe, and as with any gaffe by any politician or government official, I’m sure the reporter (unnamed) looked the senator up in order to find out what party he represented. That’s only natural. What isn’t natural — but rather forced — is to then not reveal his party affiliation after you found it out. And therefore he was a Liberal, as if I had to tell you.

Canadian senator’s NATO report accidentally reveals location of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe

… Written by a Canadian senator for the Defense and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, the report assessed the future of the organization’s nuclear deterrence policy.

But what would make news months later is a passing reference that appeared to reveal the location of roughly 150 U.S. nuclear weapons being stored in Europe.

… Sen. Joseph Day, the author of the report, …

As you know, if he were a Conservative, the media would find a sudden concern for national security. “Conservative” (not “Tory”) would be in the headline, and three or four times in the story. And Conservative leader Andrew Scheer would be asked to comment and asked whether he will apologize to the nation. Then the media would ask Mr. Scheer if he intends to resign in disgrace over what they’d be calling “Conservative Gaffe-Gate” in all the news media. And half the story would be about Justin Trudeau’s various reactions to the incident.

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