News article boiled down to short-form: GOVERNMENT FAIL.

Here’s another good explanatory article in the Globe and Mail (yes, I do recognize good reporting too, and believe me, after the shock wears off, I have to wipe the smile off my face to regain my default outrage face).

It has to do with the recent flooding in BC, so I do recognize that people outside of southern BC won’t care — especially people in Ontario and Quebec who are more concerned about how Trudeau’s hair looks today and whether they’ve got their pronouns in their Facebook profiles. So that’s virtually everybody in Ontario and Quebec now tuned out. They stopped reading when they saw the letters “B.C.”, so I can say anything I want about them and they won’t even know! Your mother wears army boots! You’re stupid! Stupid easterners! Drink any maple syrup lately “eh”? How’s your dreamboat boyfriend and life leader Justin doin’, idiots?   We have fun.

Written by reporter Nathan VanderKlippe, it’s headlined “U.S. rebuffed B.C.’s pleas to shore up dike for $29-million. Now, flood damage will hit $1-billion.” One standout paragraph is this one, which acknowledges one of the multitudes of government failures over many years:

The floods that have devastated farmers and homeowners in Abbotsford are a product of record rainfall and many failures by leaders in Canada to adequately prepare, including a lack of maintenance of key dike systems in B.C.


But they also mark the most severe consequence of a long-standing breakdown in international co-operation around the Nooksack, which normally flows only through the U.S., but whose floodwaters pose a particular threat to Canada.

Apart from my dismay at him calling government civil servants like premiers or governors our “leaders” rather than our “servants,” which is what they are, he has hit on the nut of the whole issue. And I don’t use the word “nut” here unwittingly. It’s short-form for those in office who think they’re our “leaders” or those who think they are in any way even remotely acting as such.

The phrase “Severe consequence of a long-standing breakdown in international co-operation” is a long-form way of saying “massive government failure,” unless you’re a raging socialist lunatic and you really want to try to blame capitalism, free enterprise, business owners for failing to solve these sorts of basic societal and fundamental civic issues. (Your short-form term for capitalism, free enterprise, business owners, and the rest of the people you find deplorable is “white supremacists” — if I understand correctly, and I do.)

I think it might have been instructive for the reporter to explain another elephant in the room (or in this case, the 455,000th cow drowning in the floodwaters): the fact that the governments in both British Columbia (NDP) and Washington state (Democrat) are currently ardently left-wing, some individuals within each side self-identifying as outright socialists; and for years, both have been liberal or really rather extreme in their leftwardness; and all concerned gleefully signal and act upon their virtuousness and wokeness all day long, every day, instead of engaging in sound, sane policy, and it has been thus, for many years.

These Big Government folks are all of the clergy and flock who take a knee not only to whatever trendy progressive-left pop-culture thing pops up but to the god of Big Government, for thine is the glory, the kingdom of progressive heaven, the savior of all the world especially the trans and BIPOC intersectionals, the medium through which they will build… Utopia!

Short-form: Progressives in action. In both jurisdictions. For many years. And this is an extremely good example of how they literally wreck the place. But at least they’re doing it the way they love to do everything: “together.”

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