After Labour’s defeat to the Conservatives in the Brits’ last election a short while ago, and former PM Gordon Brown’s departure from that party (to go and teach at Harvard, because, Martha, they feel as though they need still more leftists, there), the UK’s Labour Party membership has decided to return to their more left-wing, less Tony Blair roots.  Socialism.  They elected a guy nicknamed “Red Ed” Miliband. 

socialist orange?Hmm… that orange color on the campaign trail looks familiar, doesn’t it?

But like the female student who, as I posted in a blog entry last week, called-in to Glenn Beck’s radio program, I still have a hard time coming to terms with just how close Marxism and Marxist blather actually is to our everyday existence in our own country (and the US).  Maybe it’s because we let the you’ve got to be kidding party and other “progressive” parties define themselves as — and name themselves — “progressive”, and “New Democratic”, or indeed, “Labour”, rather than “socialist”, or the “socialist workers’ party”, or “Marxist”.  And we let the “liberal” media get away with aiding and abetting them in that deception.

Nobody thinks it could happen here, which is, of course, why it happens, wherever it has.  1930s Germany, for example. 

When I call the socialist NDP the “you’ve got to be kidding party”, I really mean you have GOT to be kidding me.  As in, people actually still take these people and their failed socialist ideology seriously, in my country?  Today?  Alas, Martha, they do.

But here are just a couple of paragraphs glibly typed out in today’s National Post (online only, as they don’t publish on Mondays), regarding the story of the Miliband victory in the U.K. this past weekend.  And even while reading these gems, remember that I’ve pointed out and humorously (perhaps misdirected humor, in hindsight)  dubbed the National Post the

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