Far left NDP is sexist against women.

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Which reminds me:  This week we celebrate the start of 2011, which means it’s the start of the eighth year of bringing you the political opinion column of Ann Coulter, who, without government help, has written seven huge New York Times best-selling books, made herself a constantly sought-after star on the TV news and politics circuit, made herself a stellar speaker on the speaking circuit, made herself a famous syndicated columnist, and has become a political leader in her own right, all without affirmative action policies to help her along. 

So yay us. 

And by the way, unlike Maclean’s magazine and other media in this country, ProudToBeCanadian, and let’s face it: me, personally, have done this all alone, without any federal tax dollars or affirmative action or other sundry government policy aids. 

But I digress just to rub the left’s face in the reality of life.

So let’s get it straight:  progressives are sexists and racists.  This is not breaking news, although some in the news media today are acting as though they’ve personally uncovered the story of the century.  See the National Post, which for the first time in a century or two found a politics story west of Toronto or Ontario (“National Post editorial board: Gender quota makes B.C. NDP seem ridiculous”).  This is merely more proof

We’re talking about the BC wing of the socialist you’ve got to be kidding party in this case, but any political party which believes it must give women an edge by way of special policies or rules or by applying different standards, in order for women to succeed in life or in politics, obviously doesn’t think much of women.  They think women can’t make it on their own. 

Conservatives don’t think that way. Conservatives think women can and should make it on their own.  And we all encourage them —not because they’re women, either, by the way, but just because we want the best and brightest.  It’s a meritocracy among other things. 

Progressives— the left generally— both Liberals and the you’ve got to be kidding party — all seem to feel women can’t make it on their own.  Perhaps at least as bad is the fact that they see common folks like us — voters, and even their own members — as incapable of making even reasonable decisions on their own.  Only they know what’s best for the folks (sound familiar?), and the folks must be guided by them, as if the people are all stupid little children, or like the folks are all somehow mentally handicapped, incapable of thinking on their own and unable to do it right.  We might vote for beer and popcorn, after all.

Let’s let this air out a little just so we’re clear:  according to them, we must be forced, by them, to make the “right” decisions.  Our freedom must therefore be limited, on the basis that we’re stupid.  Just in this one additional huge way for now, though, see.  We’ll see how things go from here, though.  Mkay? 

The socialist (and ever so progressive!) BC you’ve got to be kidding party is demonstrating, today, what a sexist, anti-woman party they are.  Their constitution, changed only a few years years ago to become more “progressive” — which is really just another way of saying suck up to dumb women (and only the dumb ones), and minorities, and the useful idiots of the world in order to attract votes, dictates that its next leader be a women.  And this, solely on the basis that a man is currently president of the party (well, Moe Sihota is, anyway), and a man is the treasurer.  Their socialist manifesto dictates that one of these three comrades must be a woman, meritocracy be damned.  Only the leadership position is up for grabs however.  And only men have stepped-up.  So it’s funny that way. 

This is of course ass-backward.  Phew.  So everything’s still on track.  We should expect absolutely no less than this level of lunacy from progressives whose principles are founded in the notion that society must be engineered, and on the egalitarian, and manifestly on the specious and the feel-good and the ether

Serendipitously, the slightly more-to-the-right (and only slightly, and still extremely progressive-left) BC Liberal Party is also having a leadership contest as we speak, and more women have stepped-up there— in fact a woman, Christy Clark, is leading the pack.  They have no such manifesto dictating that a women must be elected leader of the party (at least not written anyway —but we have seen almost the exact same anti-woman sexism play out at the federal level in that party, where they seem to think women must be foisted on constituencies in order to help women along, and in order to help ourselves, apparently on the same basis that they think women can’t make it on their own, and we’re all too stupid to make right decisions.  And meritocracy be damned, once again).

Looking forward (as apparently they refuse to do, pace their claim to “progressivism”) it seems to me it’s also a strong and expensive case of constructive dismal waiting to happen.  If either the you’ve got to be kidding party president or the treasurer is forced to step down in order to make room for a new man as leader (only several men have stepped forward to run for leadership to replace the quitting woman leader), then in the normal world it’s a fearsome discrimination lawsuit or a constructive dismissal case begging to happen.  Of course it won’t happen in this one instance, in order to deceive the public once again, and make themselves look good even in the face of their own idiotic policy and social engineering.  In this way they’re exactly like the governments of the old Soviet Union, or Cuba, or North Korea, which would constantly deceive the public to deflect from the faltering reality they created.

This speciously positive sounding “affirmative action” idiocy demonstrates as well as any of the myriad other examples I can think of why we in the conservative set are the ones who believe in women —and ethnic minorities —and know they can all make it on their own without special leg-up BS policies or phony (and I would think embarrassing) supports.  The progressives —the liberals and socialists and all of the left —are sexists and racists. 

Take it from a man who knows.


Lali blasts NDP “quota”

Gord MacDonald

NDP MLA Harry Lali is slamming his own’s party’s gender equality provision that requires one of the top jobs – leader, president, or treasurer – has to be a woman.

Lali says that’s a quota and that’s wrong.

“…..I know there was discrmination [sic] against me based on my colour and I had to actually work through that and fight it, tooth and nail, all throughout my life, to fight the kind of bigotry that existed.  How is this any different when we exclude older, white males from running for nominations for the NDP?  The NDP is a party of inclusion, not a party of exclusion.”

Lali was speaking on the Mike Smyth Show on CKNW.

Those were his only questions?


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