NDP Proposals — Part Cuba

Editor’s note: Yet another followup — this would be #3 — to the day’s writing about this ( here’s part 1 | part 2). There’s also a part 4 now!

Mix a large country with a dollop of communist/socialist Cuba and wad of socialist/communist Venezuela and what do you get? The NDP’s vision of Canada.

Here — I’ve highlighted some of the many delusional bits of this series of policy proposals. This is a copy and paste from their 2021 policy convention PDF file. I’m not making this up:

And WHEREAS Cuba’s socialized economy and social services prioritizes human needs and social equity – antithetical to global capitalism;
And WHEREAS losing the Cuban socialist project would constitute an historic setback for working people everywhere;
Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the NDP express its solidarity with Cuba, encourage party members to visit the island, celebrate the release of the anti-terrorist Cuban Five, demand an end to the U.S. embargo, an end to the U.S. occupation of Guantanamo, and an end to U.S.-backed efforts to destabilize and sabotage Cuba’s socialist gains and national sovereignty.

And on Venezuela, never mind that the socialist/communist regime there has its citizens eating dog food and food out of garbage trucks and more:

WHEREAS the NDP stands for peace, social justice, and non-interference in the affairs of other countries;
WHEREAS the Lima group is an ad hoc group of countries, initiated by the Liberal Government, for the purposes of interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela;
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following be added to Section 4.1 of the NDP Policy Book:
“k. Actively oppose foreign interference in Venezuela, defend Venezuela’s right to self-determination, and remove Canada from the Lima Group.”

Yet, as if to confuse us as much as they are themselves confused (which is profoundly), they add this li’l policy proposal gem:

WHEREAS there is no where as clause for this resolution
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the NDP show a willingness to cut diplomatic ties with or impose sanctions on with countries that have a history of human rights abuse and/or refuse to change their behaviour.

I’m only surprised there isn’t a policy proposal defending communist North Korea (Hands Off Peaceful Human-Rights-‘n-Democracy-Luvin’ N. Korea Comrades!).

But should any of those countries or the others suffering under communist dictatorships , or any terrorists decide to bomb the crap out of Canada or invade Canada, the NDP members wouldn’t care. They’ve already decided to call it (Canada) quits. In addition to no police (under the heading, “DEFUND, DISARM AND DISBAND POLICE FORCES IN CANADA: … ultimately, the disbanding of armed, uniformed police forces…”), and no borders, we give you… no military either.

The fact that the news media continues to cover for these people and polish their turds is an abomination.

P.S. I’ve now followed this up yet again with… part 4. I promise that is the end.

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