National Post columnist suggests Conservatives may have shredded documents

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Today, National Post columnist (he’s carried by other Canwest papers across Canada as well) Don Martin ruminates regarding the Elections Canada search warrant on the Conservative Party offices, and therefore of course the ethics of the Conservative Party of Canada itself.  Implication:  the Conservatives are of course unethical. 

He’s a journalist.  And conservatives are presumed to be self-evidently guilty (or loopy) as a general matter.

He seems to be suggesting (actually he’s “betting” —don’t forget this is the fact-findin’ liberals’ news media!) that possibly, the CPC shredded evidence which might otherwise be of interest to the RCMP or Elections Canada investigators. 

…After spending Tuesday freely roaming offices emptied of all party officials, flipping through files or sifting through e-mails at leisurely will, police-escorted Elections Canada staff still had not satisfied their material desires and returned for a second look. They may well be back at it again today before the three-day search warrant expires, although I’m betting any damning documents initially overlooked have been severely shredded by now.

Nice “hidden agenda-esque” bit of innuendo there.  And then his very next sentence is:

Of course, we don’t officially know what they’re looking for because the warrant remains sealed. …

He doesn’t know what they’re looking for, but he’s pretty sure the Conservative Party shredded—“severely”—that “damning” evidence, which we are to assume existed prior to the severe shredding. 

I suggest that that’s quite a serious, damning suggestion to make, just en passant (as per the liberal media’s usual innuendo style), in major newspapers across the country, about what sort of actions that the Conservative Party of Canada might surreptitiously engage in to, one is invited to guess, evade justice in Canada or win a serious court battle.  And it’s particularly strident when you consider that Mr. Martin’s “bet”, with its rather serious political not to mention legal implications, is apparently based solely on ether, or possibly the conclusions reached following a thorough personal navel-gazing. 

Is he oblivious to the implications he makes?  Hardly.  He later admits:

…That’s the beauty of securing a conviction in the court of public opinion—optics, hearsay and circumstantial evidence can instantly gas-chamber the innocent with no avenue of appeal…

Well whadayaknow. “Beauty”.  Darn the luck. 

“When armed RCMP knocked on its door this week,” he reasons at the end, “it was just the Conservatives’ turn to be smeared with guilt by insinuation.”  Their turn?  What—like a game?  I suggest the rules of this idiotic kangaroo court of media-driven public opinion and agenda… are severely stacked against conservatives.

Speaking of agenda:  maybe what the Conservatives shredded (assuming we don’t bet against Mr. Martin’s ignoble thesis) was that ever-so mysterious “hidden agenda” documentation which is of course still, after all these years, fully and completely undocumented in any way, shape, or form, by the intrepid liberal media and their crack squads of investigative journalists, despite their ever so altruistic efforts which continue today (without any exit strategy or end date). 

Or maybe the media found the “hidden agenda” and the Party’s “agenda” was to be as good and honest and well-meaning as any Canadian was and should be presumed to be; and the lousy media shredded the evidence so Canadians would never know the actual truth.

I’m betting on the latter. 


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