MUST READ—possibly the article of the year: Mark Steyn: “Iggy’s morally contemptible words”

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The Article

imageThis is the best article I’ve read in at least a year, and not surprisingly, it’s by the brilliant Mark Steyn

Every sentence is amazing. 

“Iggy’s morally contemptible words”

It’s found in this week’s Maclean’s magazine (just released).

Here’s a snippet.  Reward yourselves and read the whole thing

…Anyway, the bit that caught my eye—and, indeed, made it momentarily stop rolling—was this:

“To imagine it as a citizen is to imagine it as a resident of Yellow Quill reservation in Saskatchewan would have had to imagine it, this Canada where two half-naked children died in a snow-covered field in the sub-Arctic darkness because their father tried to take the sick little girls to his parents and never made it, and all you can hope is that death was as mercilessly quick as the cold can make it. What does a resident of Yellow Quill imagine, what do we Canadians imagine our country to be, the morning we learn that children have perished in this way? It is surely more than just a tragic story of one family. It is a story about us.”

It’s tempting to respond, “Oh, bugger off, you ridiculous poseur,” and pass on to something more rewarding, like Paris Hilton’s Twitter feed. But the sedating pretentiousness of Mr. Ignatieff’s prose style shouldn’t disguise the fact that this may be the most morally contemptible statement by a Canadian party leader since Confederation. (I’d be interested in alternative bids for that title, if you know of any. We may publish them as an anthology, although probably not a GG-award-winning one.) …



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