MRC’s update on liberal media bias today

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Justin Trudeau and Canadian “news” media don’t look up.

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The great Media Research Center’s daily Cyberalert update today once again (this is the 85,631st time) helps bolster my now scientifically proven contention that the media—like CTV  in Canada (and don’t even get me started on the CBC)—names all Republicans as Republicans when they’re in trouble, while purposely failing to name Democrats as Democrats when they are in trouble. 

(For Canadian content purposes, and as reference point, my understanding is that when Liberals are in trouble, the liberal media in Canada refer to them as “Ottawa”, as in “corruption in Ottawa”, or “federal”, as in the “federal sponsorship scandal”, or when really pressed, “Grits”.)

4. CBS Faster to Identify Party of Republican Than of Democrats
On Monday night, the CBS Evening News failed to identify Kwame Kilpatrick as a Democrat in reporting criminal charges filed against the Detroit Mayor, but on Friday night the same anchor, Harry Smith, used the very first word, of his introduction to a story on another politician in criminal trouble, to name the party: “Republican Congressman Rick Renzi of Arizona goes on trial next month, charged with using his office to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars. He denies breaking any laws, but the indictment spells out a string of alleged dirty deals.” A little under two years ago, then-CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer avoided the party affiliation of a Democratic Congressman in introducing a Monday, May 22, 2006 story: “The government says FBI agents videotaped Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson taking $100,000 in cash from an informant and later found $90,000 in his home freezer.”

Newbies to PTBC, let me repeat:  this is the 85,631st bit of scientific evidence.  The science is settled.  The debate:  over.  So please make no comments except positive, supportive ones, of course.  That’s how it works.


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