More examples of liberal-left or “progressives’” great respect for women and institutions…

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Why do a preponderance of women vote for liberals and progressives?  I simply don’t get it. 

Today we have yet another fine example of the actual behavior and world view of the self-described “tolerant”, “compassionate”, “intelligent”, “nuanced” tribe — the progressives.  The Liberals or socialists or communists.  That set. 

These are the ones whom we are repeatedly instructed and reminded (by them and their mainstream media division) are so very respectful of women — you know, more so than those stupid women-hating conservatives (and especially those “neo-cons”! — like I had to tell ya!).  This superiority is, as I understand it, on account of this trait being “in their genes” (or in the case of one progressive Toronto Mayoral candidate, this great “respect for women” really is in their jeans but only until they get their various womanly objects onto their city hall office couch, at which point they whip it out of their jeans — as a sign of their great respect for women and Canada’s institutions). 

They have endless ways of expressing this great respect for women while also showing off their (to borrow from their own extremely self-esteemed Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff) great “respect for Canada’s institutions.”

Today we are shown another way in which they display this great respect for women and institutions, which is by one of them, the giant bovine-like Liberal member Abel Leblanc, standing up in the News Brunswick legislature and in a sputtering near violent-looking rage, giving the finger — and one of those violent fist-smack metaphor things that drooling, savage idiots do — to none other than a slight Conservative woman, Margaret-Ann Blaney.  This, in a Canadian institution that Ignatieff tells us the Liberals and all progressive Canadians (you know, non-conservatives, the ones unlike “that guy” whom the rest of us respectfully call Prime Minister Harper ), so respect

As you can see in the accompanying screen-shot of one newspaper today, however, it’s barely news.  On account of the liberal not being a conservative. 

I can only imagine the absolute hair-on-fire outrage and sputtering rage and outright consternation and CBC-style anti-conservative bashing and browbeating and laments this story would have assumed if it were about a conservative MP or MLA. 

Clearly, Canadians’ expectation are far, far lower for progressives, because as a part of their ideology, that group has all but abandoned their moral and ethical guideposts, and ignore traditional boundaries and borders.  They really look bad when placed beside most conservatives, and they know this very well.  This is why they bash and tear down conservatives and their institutions whenever possible, especially when they misbehave;  and give a pass to all liberals and progressives when they do. 

Hat tip to Matthew B.

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