More blurring of lines: abject socialism (state-owned and run—shhh! “corporations”); and real ones

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The Article

A whole story runs in the Globe and Mail today about ICBC—the Insurance “Corporation” of British Columbia—and how some shameful employees there, who totally ripped citizens off, are going to get severance pay after being fired;  and all the outrage at that “corporation” for being so idiotic and badly run and so on.  No doubt what’s going on there is utterly disgraceful.  It’s a total fraud in every sense of the word, as I see it.  As is the article in the paper, as I see it. 

The article goes on and on about this news on the big bad “corporation” without ever once mentioning the salient fact that ICBC is THE GOVERNMENT.  It is nothing more than a government department.  It’s 100% owned by the state.  The Board of Directors of the “corporation” are appointed by the CABINET, to run the “corporation”.  Car insurance rates (and car insurance is mandatory in BC) are set not by market forces, but by them, and then “approved” by another division of the government.  They have no competition, since the government has BANNED all competition in the area of basic car insurance. 

None of this is mentioned.  The Globe and Mail —like all of Canada’s liberal-left governments and all their liberal media, make it sound like it’s just another one of those evil “corporations” —just like any other real private sector corporation. 

This incessant use of the word “corporation” to describe full-on socialist state-owned divisions of GOVERNMENT is nothing more than a sleight of hand.  Pure deception.  It’s a trick. It’s a purposeful blurring of the lines.  Moreover, it’s Fabian socialism at its best. The media is totally complicit in this perfidy.  And they know it.  They know that they’re leaving out extremely important facts which guide public perceptions about capitalism—free markets—and socialism.  They know it!  So this is part of their Fabian socialist agenda. 

Just one week ago I pointed out an example wherein a guy in BC said he was suing the Lottery Corporation in (once again) BC.  The BC Lottery Corporation is THE GOVERNMENT.  Fully, 100%, state-owned and state-run.  But because it has the phony-baloney word “corporation” attached to it, the guy in question felt compelled to proclaim—as reported in the willing and unquestioning or un-correcting media—that “It’s about keeping corporations honest, that’s really what it’s about.” 

I wrote about this specific incident in a typically loud “Newsquip” blog entry—item #2 last week.

ICBC and others like them owned and run by GOVERNMENTS across Canada are really even worse than the CBC in that they are a state-owned and state-run monopolies which don’t even allow competition for basic car insurance.  While the CBC is more dangerous in a free democracy because it spews left-wing and far-left-wing political and social and economic propaganda all day long, at least in the case of CBC, the government merely competes against its own citizens, whereas ICBC and others like it enjoy a situation in which competition by citizens is simply banned!  It’s pure, hard, socialism

And for those brilliants who insist on calling BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell “right wing”, and even “the most far-right-wing” Premier “the province has ever known”, as the far-left moonbats do in order to deceive you further, and to, they hope, nudge the political spectrum further and further LEFT:  enough already.  Enough.  Stop outrageously misleading. 

Given the biggest landslide majority the people of the province of BC has ever granted a political party in an election (they won all but two seats against the NDP in 2001, then won again in 2005), he and his government of liberals (yes LIBERALS, through and through) opted to maintain the socialist NDP-created behemoth, ICBC, when they could easily have dismantled it and gained even more public support.  They opted to keep the socialist model.  Same thing in the case of BC’s state-owned and run liquor purchasing, distribution, and retail sales; lotteries as I mentioned; power utilities; ferries; other transportation outfits; and far more.  And this is to say nothing of his favorable view of state-funded abortions at any time in any pregnancy for any reason or no reason whatsoever as many times as any woman wants one, in state-owned hospitals and clinics (in a socialist healthcare system he subscribes to); and his favorable view of gay “marriage”; and his mandating a homosexual-promoting curriculum in state-owned, state-run schools in BC and even in private schools and home-schooling, and on and on. 

“Right wing”.  Right.  That kind of propaganda is more Fabian socialism. 

Left-wing governments and political parties across Canada are complicit with a very sympathetic media in this country.  They are ideologically in lock-step.  They are Fabian socialists.  They do have a fundamental freedom to be left-wing—socialists—to be sure.  But an honest government—and honest political parties—and an honest media—would stop purposely blurring the lines and fostering a hidden agenda, and come clean. 

Don’t hold your breath. 

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