Hey are you like me?  Did you notice that this year, nearly everybody is wishing everybody else a “merry Christmas?”  It seemed that way to me, for sure. Only a few years ago, it was the opposite and it was looking and feeling sour.  Depressing.  Just bad. 

I think people must feel better about themselves for having gotten over that hurdle — that almost embarrassing, ridiculous ideological barrier and annoying, irrational ideological speed bump set up by the progressive fundamentalists and their cadre of no-minds and minions —  the useful idiots.  It’s liberating to be real and normal and natural and celebrating the traditions and heritage we know are founded on what’s good and right, instead of kowtowing to the awkward, inane, secular progressives and their ill-fitting liberal-left political correctness, and all the grating ideology that comes with it—especially when it’s been perpetrated by people with their heads stuck up their butts. 

Now if only we could get them to admit they were and are wrong about everything else!

I hope lots of people take the opportunity to go to one of the thousands of special hour-long Christmas Eve church services tonight across the continent to re-learn about Christmas and its true meaning.  They’re usually designed with the “novice” in mind and are fun as well as being on-point.  You don’t actually have to sing, as I’ve found out, but see if you don’t end up blurting out a couple of notes!  Some churches will have plain old social get-togethers over hot chocolate and coffee afterward just for fun, and you’ll be surprised at the number of familiar faces in the crowd from your own neighborhood and community.  Then of course I recommend you have a good stiff rum ‘n eggnog or two at home.  Anyway it’s a great way to spend an hour on Christmas Eve.  You’ll feel good if you do it, I guarantee it.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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