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Memo to Trudeau: Atoning for your personal sins — should not come at taxpayer expense.

Folks, call me prescient, wise, and all-knowing in advance, because I’m pretty sure this is going to happen.

Justin Trudeau will try to make his past personal sins go away, or make it look like he’s super tolerant and not at all racist, by making all sorts of new promises to ethnic groups — on behalf of Canada or the government of Canada.

Probably hard to find a definitive crime there, because nobody would have anticipated a problem like Trudeau, so no use calling the RCMP. But people would need to rise up for this actual corruption. Or maybe don’t vote for him in the first place and avoid the risk.

Trudeau can make all sorts of personal promises to groups affected, with his own very  copious privilegecash. (As a side note, I’d be curious to see just what personal donations he has made to these groups, seeing as he’s so very woke and diversity-luvin’ and whatnot, and has been since at least the day after he appeared in blackface, or dressed up as Aladdin doing blackface, or whatever).

We really have to watch for this. Careful that no Trudeau or Liberal-announced “investments” or spending or contributions or sponsorships on behalf of Canadian taxpayers are being made in order to atone for his past sins.

Watch for this, taxpayers. And remember to laud me for seeing this ahead of time.

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