Why can’t Mel Gibson “get no respect”? A few days ago, by his own account incidentally, he went into a drunken rage, when subjected to a drunk-driving arrest, reportedly referring to Jews as warmongers.

The arresting officer should have asked: “Oh, Mr. Mel, you moonlightin’ for the AP now?” That disgraceful U.S. news agency, AP (Associated Press), has been at the forefront of distortions indistinguishable from out and out Israel-bashing in the current Middle East crisis.

AP and other photos, captions and other text, ubiquitous across the U.S. and Canada, in print and elsewhere, are skewed enough to make you think that the war in fact is one of Israel versus children, plain and simple. The recent tragedy at Qana in Lebanon, in which civilians were accidentally hit by Israeli forces, is depicted and discussed as if Israel searched for a target with the highest number of children in one place at one time.

The well-established fact that that is exactly what would have been done – by Hezbollah, Israel’s deadly enemy in the conflict, is edited down to simple “non-inclusion.” If you can’t spin it, don’t say it.

So who is the real Jew-baiter here? If Mel Gibson were a card-carrying Hollywood liberal, his comment would immediately be articulated and interpreted as The Passion of The War commentary for which “authorities” (pigs!) “set up” a “protester” in the attempt to besmirch a good man with something as foul as anti-Semitism.

You see, liberals cannot possibly be anti-Semitic. But the maker of the spectacular The Passion of The Christ, is a different quantum. His film continues to be denounced by professional ethnics whose concerns could not be more distanced from the historic statement that is the Jewish State.

Sometimes Gibson is also called a Holocaust-denier, sometimes because his father is sometimes accused of being one. The logic of such cross-pollinated cross-accusations does not faze left-loons. Simple stupidity is an advantage to insanity.

Sometimes Gibson is accused of being a “Conservative Catholic.” Accused. Those who view a devotion such as his as of the order of the Call of Constantine to Christ are viewed by secularist extremists in terms of a condition alienated by enlightenment.

Didn’t I just say liberals can’t be bigots?

Mel has apologized repeatedly for his outburst. Now ironically, that has only served to embolden bigots encrusted in covetousness. They want him to spend his loot here, there, in every which left-loon direction. Or else, he is not truly showing “tolerance” – which cannot tolerate anything Conservative, of course.

It will take a miracle to make sure that Mel will not spend the rest of his career making films that “expose” Judeo-Christian Civilization for the longest-held phantom in the history of ideas!

All the while, the real Braveheart bigots will talk Israel down to a familiar victimhood of near-statelessness currently violated by an Almighty Americanism.

The mainstream media wants desperately to get back to the business of feeling sorry for “The” Jew in a rejuvenated diaspora.

Mel is in the way, you see. He and his “The” Passion and “The” Christ, restoring instead a wholesome nobility of suffering that is the stuff of the global human cause.

Just last Sunday, perhaps as Mel started mixing it up for his day of disaster, the Israeli Ambassador to the Uniquely Useless United Nations was at the Security Council making up for days of failed articulations. Responding point-blank to the incident at Qana and Hezbollah’s knack for hiding arms in the arms of women and children, Ambassador Dan Gillerman observed uncompromisingly: “if you sleep with missiles, sometimes you do not wake up in the morning.

This cuts both ways, however. Mel needs to wake in the morning to the unrelenting Yoruba of West Africa who point to: “the man we were itching to burn, who now has doused himself with gasoline.”

Even a Hollybimbo knows how to strike a match.