Like “chickadees sneering at an eagle” — our self-esteemed, preening betters, who discard gems like Don Cherry

I barely watch any hockey and simply couldn’t care less about it, but for the cohesion that it brings to a country that needs something to bring it together. You can imagine that if I barely watch hockey, I pretty much never watch the commentary about it. Commentary about any team sport including the only team sport I watch — NFL football — is studiously unheard by me. (PGA golf talk is tolerable).

That being said, I certainly know Don Cherry by reputation, heard him talk a few times, laughed at his wardrobe choices, and being a political animal I know only too well that he was disliked by the Left. Why would he be disliked by leftists? Well, I suspect it is the usual suspects: he’s a obvious Canadian patriot (bad!), he loves Canada and its history and traditions and heritage to death (super unwoke! Bad!) and is very vocal about that (free speech bad!), he loves the military (WTF? Super bad!) and talks them up all the time (bad warmonger!), wasn’t convinced about the “climate emergency” (for shame, denier!), and best of all, he is politically incorrect (big ole white man fascist etc!). This is a recipe for the woke left to begin their inorganic, highly processed hate-on, and hate they did. The leftist scolds hated him right off the air. Cancelled him and his 85 years of life. Team Left’s cancel culture squad scored another one. Against Canada.

Great goal, leftist scolds.

I’ve read tons about Cherry’s disgraceful firing by the preening little Trudeaupians of our often shallow little nation, but nobody put words to paper better than Rex Murphy did this past week.

Rex Murphy: Shame on you Sportsnet. Don Cherry deserved much, much better

Send the article to your leftist friends and implore them to reflect on their principles.

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