A spate of recent reports, studies and other releases, timed for the imminent Mid-term Congressional elections in the U.S., not to mention our own “looming” federal election, feature desperate leftists creeping out of every social angle to feed on a self-crippled Conservatism.

And that is the socdolager here, the deepest wound in this season of self-inflicted wounds. There is a joke common in PR circles. If you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot, at least try not to target your own Achilles’ heel.

Fox News did not get my memo apparently. I told them for the zillionth time to speak of the liberation of Iraq, to counter liberal distortion about “invasion” and “occupation.” I told Fox News to bring up again and again, Coalition successes in the North, for the Kurds, the people who were Saddam Hussein’s especial victims, victims of his 1980s Anfal genocide.

Liberals, you see, never tire of the same old song. Their recent “studies,” are a seamless web of old fallacies, new distortions and naked lies. They soldier on to the triumph of delusion over conviction. They believe they believe truly who truly believe!

And there is none to challenge this passionate intensity of this worst of the worst. Conservatives, you see, exhibit what can only be called: belief-fatigue. As I have relayed before, my very African grandmother used to say that the devil is the greatest optimist. No matter the truth, Lucifer sticks to his lies. It is good people who shift ground for fear of making their enemies feel uncomfortable with such certitude.

We know who prevails, as I fear we shall see, come Nov. 7.

I told Fox News to break from legitimizing terror in anti-hero “insurgents ” – as if we’re speaking of an Independence resistance. I told them to frame the narrative in the naked violence of cold-blooded cowards.

I urged Fox News to reframe Sunni terror in Baghdad and further down into the Shia South, strictly in sharp contrast to stabilizing measures from the North, to interview ordinary Iraqis and their officials in terms of attempting such measures in southern Iraq with creative boldness and rigour. Never mind the hidden truth of this analysis, it would take the narrative in fascinating directions. Ratings. The left has never wavered in its articulation of failure. Only Conservatives are afraid to talk of success and what it would take to achieve victory.

Thus the notorious British Medical journal, The Lancet, published a report alleging 654, 965 Iraqis have died as a consequence of, and since the 2003 U.S.-led “invasion.” You would think this would be a simple matter of an actual body count. But the Iraqi Body Count, the best known tracker of Iraq casualties, estimates that as of October 2, 2006, between 43, 546 and 48, 343 have perished. So where did The Lancet get its outrageous count? This is the “journal” that was recently forced to confirm it had used fabricated data involving a cancer researcher.

The same brazen twists bedevil the Afghan Mission. Going through reports of an oasis of democratic structure submerged in oceans of Taliban revival, you can no longer sort prediction from prayers for the failure of Western intervention.

In any case, Conservatives should be playing from a strong hand. Conservatives right now should be threatening immediate withdrawal from all our Afghan commitments and all such foreign aid, unless the U.N. helps NATO to secure immediate and almighty, overwhelming force to rout the remnants of the Taliban forever. No more half-ass efforts programmed for failure.

Our threat would have to be taken seriously since we went to bat both to extend and expand our role. We could not be dismissed for simply trying to sneak out once the going got tough. And as I said, you negotiate from a position of strength.

Instead we are panhandling for others to step up, to help out. Conservatives fought so brilliantly for the extension of the expanded mission, only to allow the opposition that was never going to let up – to hijack the debate over “what then”?

So the polls have reversed.

And even when the figures resist distortion, they cannot escape the wrath of liberal discontent and the pursuit of a diabolical agenda. Take the recently released Statistics Canada survey of job satisfaction. Based on data going back some 10 to 12 years, Canadians, overwhelmingly, are satisfied with their jobs.

So how does the “new” study actually present this? I assure you, a deeper disconnect between data and interpretation is not possible in any language. Survey says…! “Depression stands out as a major occupational health issue.” Say what?! Well, one in 12 of us “could be happier.” O.K. But the study goes on to declare that just over one million adults had experienced a “major depressive episode” in the year before the survey interview.

Thus the headline for the report chosen by lib-left news outlets: A Million Unhappy Workers. That’s the power of one in12. That’s how you edit out a majority that does not suit your agenda to prevent a majority Conservative victory.

Or you fall back on the oldest trick of all. Race-baiting. Canada’s so-called federal Prison Ombudsman, Howard Sapers revived the spectre of “institutionalized discrimination,” predicting, in a “new” report, that one in four aboriginals will be behind bars within 10 years, if present trends continue.

Just now, aboriginals, who make up less than 3% of the Canadian population, are approaching 20% of our prison population.

But we too can repeat old facts. If aboriginals represent 20% of offenders, where’s the over-representation? When Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, a favourite target of left-lib hate, expressed confidence in Corrections Canada, rejecting allegations of racist incarceration rates, he was subjected to the usual ugly personal attacks.

So a new framework is in place to take into the next election campaign to distort Harper’s refusal to embrace that disgraceful, “accountability-challenged,” multi-billion dollar Kelowna Accord for aboriginal program funding, struck in the dying days of the last federal Liberal regime.

In B.C., the recently released Morley Report on the death of aboriginal child Sherry Charlie can only further this race-ridden manipulation, blurring provincial-federal lines of accountability that the federal NDP exploited so well here in the last federal election.

Sherry Charlie died in the custody of relatives, key members of which were also officials of a native child welfare agency. The Morley report did not dare blame them. But just now there are natives protesting failures of native child welfare agencies in the Fraser Valley.

So here’s a suggestion. Conservatives should be here right now, working their own federal-provincial alliance, working strictly with natives demanding accountability from native agencies, to turn this timeless debacle on its head. Here is a unique opportunity for Conservatives. Where are they? Will they wait till the NDP again strike first with their savage lies?

There is a report just out of Singapore’s National University and Institute of Mental Health showing that children cared for by their parents are at a significantly lower risk for mental health problems than children raised in non-parental, public-professional, custody. This is just the sort of cross-cultural discovery that Conservatives should routinely hunt for in working their most basic values to serve native-on-native childcare demands.

The non-white Singapore case brings multicultural directions to parent-community delivery of native-for-native childcare with a whole new kind of federal-provincial backing. Where are the Conservatives to articulate this in terms of their own deepest beliefs across historic racial divides?

Conservatives will never get a pass from the liberal media. They need to pre-empt all others in fighting for the oldest articulations in the service of complex new needs.