Liberals living on borrowed money, which they borrow against the promise of taxpayer cash

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Now that the Liberal Party cash cows —the wealthy liberal and socialist elites in Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver —can’t help buy the vote quite as easily as they have in the past; and nor can the politically liberal corporations in Canada, many of which have been sucking the giant and growing state teat for years thanks to Liberal government corporate welfare (and “early learning” —wink!) schemes upon which they now entirely rely (it worked, Liberals!), the Liberal Party is, well it’s portrayed, anyway, as being in financial trouble. 

It’s bunkum.  I’ll explain below. First, this triangulation from the National Post today, via the good columnist John Ivison. 

Cash crunch hangs over Liberal party

…The party’s financial statements show an organization that is still solvent but one in which expenses outpaced revenues by $1.6-million last year. The largest source of revenue was the government allowance awarded for each vote received at the last election, which came in at $8.5-million. Contributions from grass-roots Liberals accounted for $4.7-million, compared to around $18-million for the Conservatives. This is the bitter legacy of Jean Chrétien’s campaign finance reforms, which wiped out corporate donations, the source of 50% of Liberal fundraising. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have added to Grit woes by reducing Mr. Chrétien’s $5,000 individual contribution ceiling to $1,000.

The financial statements also show a $2-million loan with an extremely punishing 9% interest rate, collateralized against the assets not only of the party but of a number of riding associations. This is highly unusual and indicates a degree of financial stress long suspected but never admitted by the party. …

Normally I’d tell folks to “do the math”, but after seeing this Liberal Party financial mess, I may change my mind and just do it myself:

…The Liberals will be able to fund an election campaign as they have in the past by borrowing against the 60% rebate they receive from Elections Canada for expenses incurred during the writ period. This means they can borrow around $12-million of the $20-million they will need to fund a campaign, based on the rebate that all parties get for election expenses. But they will still need to raise about $8-million and the only collateral likely acceptable to lending institutions is the government allowance of $1.75 for every vote they receive. …

Here’s the math:

The Liberals don’t need cash when they have something better:

• The full backing of most of the entire federal bureaucracy, which they stuffed chock full of their chosen like-minded liberal-leftists; 

• The whole mainstream media including not just the far-left reporters and staff who will surreptitiously back anything but a conservative, but also the near-monopoly ownership of all the mainstream media; 

• Countered only by a huge state-run TV, radio, internet and satellite-based media behemoth that thrives on socialism (the CBC) and which is forcibly pumped into our homes through laws created by liberals of days gone by and maintained by liberals and their regulatory commissions today; 

• And even Canada’s once noble institutions like what’s now known as the “Order of Abortion Appreciation” (formerly known as the Order of Canada) within which previously appointed liberals work in secret, surreptitiously, scurrilously ensuring, like fascists, that their personal icons of far-left liberalism, including the abortion party’s atheism and culture of death divisions, are officially idolized and celebrated on special national holidays like Canada Day. 

•  And of course there’s the state-owned, state-run academia division, which is a reliable source of leftists, far-leftists, and outright Marxists upon which to rely for our children-teaching (and “early learning” —wink!) needs, and for the aforementioned news media’s more than occasional “expert” opinion and “analysis” on political, social, environmental, and any other matter. 

• And so much more.  Take their “human rights” commissions which have singled-out conservatives and literally forced them to apologize for things they believe in, pay arbitrary fines for doing nothing wrong, and forced them to go to “rehab” for not toeing the “official” liberal-left line on all manner of things from the gay agenda to the liberals’ multi-culti agenda, even while totally ignoring the hate speech I’ve personally brought to your attention from their very own state-owned web site. 

It’s Orwellian. 

But the liberals’ news media division alone, in this pop-culture media-reliant country, is enough to win you an election.  I’ve said repeatedly that the you’ve got to be kidding party—the socialist NDP—exists in this country solely because the media continues to prop it up as if it’s relevant.  It’s not relevant.  It’s only because the media is sympathetic to the socialist left that they prop them up.  The NDP is them, in many cases (most recent example: CBC reporter running for NDP in Westmount); and certainly in the general sense it helps them to exemplify the distance the conservatives-right is from that preferred, far-left anchor. 

The liberal-left in this country having the media so totally on side really is better than gold.  Money can’t buy the kind of effect on mentally docile (and even the astute) voters which you get when you cast liberal-left ideology and policy ideas off as “news”, get analysis from reliable leftists who literally mock conservative ideology (on cue);  and when you pump up certain issues (Green Shift, “NAFTA-Gate”) and totally neglect others (massive pro-life rallies, historic rises in stock markets…); and when you, for example, call the war on terror the “so-called” war on terror, as the far-left CBC dutifully does, never ask a hard question of a leftist but grill conservatives, and never even remotely delve into how things like awarding an ideologically extremist abortion mill operator our national award was pulled off in secret by liberal appointees, while deploying all news media resources available into trivial accusations made by the NDP against the Conservative Party. 

The Conservative Party needs all that cash they’ve got.  And even then, they’re fighting a now almost completely insurmountable battle against what I hesitate to call “the machine” because it sounds so leftist, but it’s factually true in our case. 

In fact this very “news” story will prime Liberals across Canada to open their wallets.  Voilà.

Some PTBC regulars will laugh…. I wrote this 8 gazillion-word essay as a result of a reader (thanks Christin!) who emailed after reading the article by John Ivison, and simply suggesting I go off on, well, you read it:

“Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention that not only is Mr. Godfrey now taking is salary from The Toronto French School, but still accepting his salary (i.e. tax dollars) from the public as an MP.” 

Notice how the media didn’t mention that?!



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